Former Croatia Airlines CEO in running for Montenegro top job


The public call issued for the selection of Air Montenegro’s new CEO concluded yesterday with five candidates believed to have applied. According to the daily “Dan”, one of them is the former CEO of Croatia Airlines and Gulf Air, Krešimir Kučko. During Mr Kučko’s tenure as CEO of Croatia Airlines, from 2012 until 2017, the carrier underwent a wide-ranging restructuring and became profitable following years of losses. However, his critics argue the company achieved profitability in large part due to the sale of valuable assets. The state is now expected to hold interviews with the shortlisted applicants before making a final decision. It recently named former Air Serbia manager Dragana Frantov Nikolić as the carrier’s acting CEO.


  1. Anonymous13:58

    He is back!

  2. Anonymous14:43

    ako, da lakše ugase firmu :D

  3. Anonymous17:44

    Au, najebali su

  4. Anonymous18:53

    Problem here, is that there are no assets to sell ! They are better off in employing him as the CEO of the bankrupt Montenegro Airlines - at least his skills could be put to good use there !

  5. Anonymous08:26

    As Anon (above) precisely stated.
    THERE ARE NO ASSETS TO SELL.... So he can not perform his profit boosting magic...

  6. Don't give Kucko the job! He will sell everything off that's valuable and bankrupt the company. Dreadful C.E.O and was an absolute disaster at OU!

  7. Anonymous20:05

    And remember when he said that Air Serbia was not a threat or a competitor to consider in any serious way ? With this sort of attitude and mindset, how would he deal with them being the dominant ex-YU carrier in Montenegro ? He would be clueless to deal with them or to think about how to grow Air Montenegro. He did not leave a great legacy behind at OU and instead of using their restructuring process to position them for future success, his time there only served to solidify their decline. NO THANKS ! If he was held in any regard, they would have put him back in charge at OU. The fact that they didn't, tells us everything.

  8. Anonymous16:22

    He should be in the running to go to prison not for another job where he will ruin this airline before they've even properly got started


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