Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ash cloud hits Croatian airports

Split Airport
April’s Icelandic ash cloud has seen Croatia’s airport numbers dwindle for the month. All of Croatia’s airports recorded a decrease in passenger numbers, just as the decline in passengers began to ease in March.

In April 2010, Rijeka led the pack with passenger numbers tumbling by 69%. The airport handled 2.277 passengers while the number of operational flights dipped by 50%. Osijek saw passenger numbers decline by 54%. The airport only handled 63 passengers while the number of flights decreased by 3%. Pula was particularly affected by the ash cloud with the number of flights in April 2010 decreasing by 44% and passenger figures by 26%, compared to April 2009. The decrease at Zadar and Split airports was mild compared to others in the country with both recording a 15% decrease. Dubrovnik faired the best out of all the airports, handling 63.033 passengers, a decrease of 8%.

Zagreb did not escape the ash cloud. It handled 141.053 passengers in April 2010 compared to 168.111 the same month last year – a drop of 16%. The number of flights to and from the Croatian capital declined by 11%.

Below you can view April’s 2010 results for Croatian airports:

AirportPassengers APR 2010Passengers APR 2009Change (%)
Zagreb141.053 168.111 16.1
Dubrovnik63.003 68.907 8.5
Pula6.915 9.381 26.2
Split46.188 254.878 15.9
Zadar12.305 14.585 15.6
Osijek63137 54.0
Rijeka2.2777.414 69.2

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