Saturday, January 9, 2016

Express Airways: Maribor - Dusseldorf


Express Airways launches two weekly flights to Dusseldorf:

Flight number: EPR703
Departure city: MBX
Departure time: 09.15 (-2-----), 12.45 (------7)
Arrival time: 10.45 (-2-----), 14.15 (------7)
Arrival city: DUS
Aircraft type: B737-300
Day operating: -2----7


Flight number: EPR403
Departure city: DUS
Departure time: 11.45 (-2-----), 15.15 (------7)
Arrival time: 13.15 (-2-----), 16.45 (------7)
Arrival city: MBX
Aircraft type: B737-300
Day operating: -2----7

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