Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pristina Airport to extend runway


Pristina Airport will have its runway and taxiways extended, as well as its ILS (instrument landing system) upgraded. The runway will be extended from the current 2.560 metres to 3.000 metres. Due to the airport’s location and foggy weather in winter, it often experiences visibility issues which results in the diversion of flights. “We need to invest in the ILS and replace some of the equipment with the newest technology. The total investment is estimated to be around 30 million euros, which includes the extension of the runway and taxiways, and the purchase of new equipment”, Pristina Airport's General Manager, Haldun Firat Kokturk, says. No firm time-frame has been given as to when the planned work could begin. The airport's operator, Limak, opened a new 130 million euro passenger terminal in Pristina in late 2013 with the capacity to handle 3.2 million passengers per year.


  1. Bravo Pristina; good investment!

  2. Very good Pristina:)

  3. It would be interesting to learn more details about this investment. Is this a Limak self-funded investment or part funded with the Kosovan government?

    The extended runway and taxiways would be inherited by the government upon the completion of the concession agreement, hence I would imagine that this investment is at least part funded by the government, probably by changing the terms of the concession.

    Worth mentioning that the Albanian government also recently changed the terms of TIA concession to allow for opening of additional airports in the country in return for a longer concession period.

  4. Maybe now PRN can handle wide bodies

  5. PRN should invest and buy a bus to take passengers from Pristina to the Airport instead!
    In Vienna a train ticket to the aiport cost 2.20 euro
    In Bratislava by bus cost 0.60 cent
    Isntabul train city cost 1.5 euro
    Pristina ? 13-15 Euros by Taxi!

    1. Completely agree, public transport is an after thought there, the politicians are busy stuffing their pockets instead! Certainly after all these years, a regular bus service to the Pristina bus station must be a minimum, even though I know majority of arrivals get picked up by family members.


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