Summer 2017

AirlineRouteDate launchedInfo
Tuzla - Bratislava
27.03.2017Click here
Tuzla - Cologne
27.23.2017Click here
Tuzla - Friedrichshafen
27.03.2017Click here
Salzburg - Dubrovnik
27.03.2017Click here
Salzburg - Split
28.03.2017Click here
Zadar - Bristol
28.03.2017Click here
Tuzla - Nuremberg
28.03.2017Click here
Gothenburg - Split
30.03.2017Click here
Cherleroi - Sarajevo
31.03.2017Click here
Zurich - Niš
02.04.2017Click here
Stockholm Skavsta - Podgorica
02.04.2017Click here
Budapest - Skopje
02.04.2017Click here
Budapest - Podgorica
03.04.2017Click here
Amsterdam - Ljubljana
04.04.2017Click here
Amsterdam - Belgrade
04.04.2017Click here
Budapest - Sarajevo
05.04.2017Click here
Budapest - Pristina
07.04.2017Click here
Vienna - Zadar
08.04.2017Click here
Marseille - Split
09.04.2017Click here
Amsterdam - Split
22.04.2017Click here

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