Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Croatia Airlines - Air India ink codeshare


Star Alliance members Croatia Airlines and Air India have inked a wide-ranging codeshare agreement. The deal sees the Croatian carrier place its "OU" designator code and flight numbers onto Air India's flights from Mumbai to London and from Delhi to Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Rome and Paris. In return, the Indian national carrier will place its code and flight numbers onto Croatia Airlines' flights from Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Rome and Paris. Initially the codeshare will only apply on flights from Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Frankfurt, London and Vienna, as Rome and Paris are still pending government approval. The deal comes into effect this Saturday. The CEO of Croatia Airlines, Krešimir Kučko, said, "As part of the agreement, Croatia Airlines, as a regional airline, will obtain an opportunity of strengthening its position on the large and fast-growing Indian market. We believe that our passengers from both India and Croatia will recognise the value of our joint product and the benefits of an even better choice of flights". Air India's CEO, Seema Srivastava, noted, "We look forward to expanding our relationship with Croatia Airlines in the future. The partnership will contribute towards the further development of trade, tourism and cultural ties between India and Croatia". Air India has a similar agreement (on a smaller scale) in place with Slovenia's Adria Airways.

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