Air Serbia unveils special livery on new A330


Air Serbia’s newest fleet member, an A330-200 formerly operated by Aeroflot, which will replace its existing jet of the same type, has received a special livery and the airline's corporate colours in Shannon, Ireland where it is being prepared for service. The jet features Nikola Tesla on the tail. Air Serbia’s current A330 also sports a special livery, promoting the “Serbia Creates” campaign. The carrier's latest widebody will also sport new business class hard product.

Photo Credit: Adrian Kissane, Oisin Tierney and Malcom Nason


  1. Anonymous10:56

    This is beautiful! TBH, I didn't expect something like this! But it is the best possible visual and branding solution

    1. Anonymous17:10

      As a JU hater (and a liar according to the last response to one of my posts) this time I totally agree that this livery rocks.

    2. Anonymous17:35

      They should have put the pigeon too!

    3. Anonymous17:38

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA yes! Maybe on the engine.

  2. Anonymous10:57


  3. Anonymous10:58

    God this is beautiful!!!!! WOW!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:03


  5. Anonymous11:07

    wow love this

  6. Anonymous11:10

    Looks very classy

  7. Anonymous11:24

    Is this the first special livery in ex yu? I don't mean stickers and so on but a while new livery?

    1. Anonymous11:24

      Current A330 has special livery too

    2. notLufthansa11:32

      Simple and very beatiful and effective. Kudos to whomevet came to this idea. Well done.

    3. Anonymous11:32

      So true, forgot about that. Any other examples?

    4. Anonymous11:47

      Adria also used to have special liveries on almost all of their CRJ200 in early 2000.

    5. Anonymous12:28

      Adria had retro a320

  8. Anonymous11:39

    I honestly don't know which livery I like more, this special one or their regular one.

  9. Anonymous11:43

    It's okay for a couple of months but better stick to the original company logo.

  10. Anonymous11:55

    I really think that Nikola Tesla deserves every kind of respect, but this is too much

    1. Anonymous11:55

      Why? Do you also have an issue with Norwegian Air Shuttle livery?

    2. Anonymous11:58

      No, but that is their corporate indetity, on every plane in the fleet, with more taste than this.

    3. Anonymous11:59

      What's exactly distasteful about this?

    4. Anonymous12:00

      His just triggered. Let him be.

    5. Vlad12:01

      They put Tesla (Serbian-American inventor) on a plane connecting Serbia with America. The symbolism couldn't be more fitting. But haters gonna hate I guess.

    6. Anonymous12:05

      It is definitely better than previous, Serbia creates, but I tend to agree to first Anonymous, because I do not know that Lufthansa, British, Qantas... put something like this on tail. And also why now, I would understand that is some anniversary of Nikola Tesla or something like this, that there is a cause

    7. Anonymous12:05

      Next one should be with Pupin.

    8. Anonymous12:06

      So everyone should have the same livery as British, Qantas and Lufthansa? Ok

    9. Anonymous12:07

      Yes Vlad, but was it enough that plane is named by Tesla

    10. Anonymous12:08

      Plane is not named Nikola Tesla.

    11. Anonymous12:09

      Didn't hear similar concerns when they named the airport in Zagreb. But I guess each to their own.

    12. Nemjee12:17

      In early 2000s BA had a whole series of special liveries which portrayed cultures from different parts of the world. Many airlines do these. KLM even painted their B77W in that disgusting half orange livery. In my opinion this is a very classy livery and as someone wrote it's symbolic because it flies between BEG and JFK.

    13. JATBEGMEL12:33

      QF also has/had a few aircraft with Indigenous Art liveries. ANA with their Pokemon livery. EVA Air with Hello Kitty....

    14. Nemjee12:44

      ANA also has that Star Wars livery on their B789.

    15. Anonymous17:05

      Norwegian didn't invent this. Many aircraft had fuselage or tail painted as part of regular or special livery this way. Before Norwegian, Hawaiian has Pualani on every tail and Eskimo was at every Alaska Airlines tail. Spicejet put crew member photos on fuselage. Southwest put supermodel Bar Refaeli on a fuselage. SkyEurope had a model on OM-SEA fuselage etc.

      Not just people, Frontier had a long lineup of wild animal photos on tails to promote wild nature and tourism. Before all of them WWII military aircraft had pictures on them. Air Serbia did not copy anyone, it's just one more addition to the long lineup.

    16. Anonymous17:47

      Wizz Air has that Gemma woman on their a321neo. Whoever she is.

    17. Anonymous22:13

      This is basically Norwegian meets Lufthansa.

      Absolutely unoriginal.

      Tesla's formulas on the fuselage would be way better.

      These things should better be painted on an A320/Atr that does several rotations per day around Europe and not on long-haul aircraft that's 95% of time in the sky or in BEG where there is no promotion needed.

      Absolutely pointless and waste of paint.

      Original livery was way better.

    18. Anonymous22:16

      PIA also had some original liveries representing different regions of Pakistan, some of the best special liveries ever.

    19. Anonymous06:38

      A livery needs to promote so it needs to be easily recognizeable for masses. His formulas would not make sense for most. His face is easily recognizable so people will know who he is. Also someone wrote above, Tesla lived in New York so there is a lot symbolism here.

    20. Anonymous06:38

      Also there is nothing about Lufthansa in livery, you are seeing things.

    21. Anonymous15:28

      You really must be blind not to see any resemblance with LH and Norwegian.

  11. Anonymous11:55

    This is one classy looking plane.

  12. Anonymous12:20

    It would've much better to stick to the ASL logo and insert Nikola at the backside in a more transparent way. This way, it looks a bit too exaggerated. Plus, copying the Norwegian model is still fine, but in their case it was done with a twist.

    1. Anonymous12:22

      What twist exactly?

    2. Anonymous12:48

      There is more symmetry in the livery and the colours are not exaggerated. It sits quite well.

    3. Anonymous13:12

      That's not a twist, it's their livery that's minimalistic like that.

  13. JATBEGMEL12:27

    YU-ARB should be leaving SNN on Monday.

  14. I like it very much! It's a Norwegian idea but more beautiful and colorful!

  15. Vrlo lepo. Gospodski uradjeno i odlicno za marketing.

  16. Wow!!! very very nice..... can not wait for it to come in to BEG.. I really hope that there are plans in the near future for the 2nd A330 to come from Aeroflot.. Can t wait for to see the cabin of YU-ARB.

  17. Anyone knows the last date of YU-ARA?

  18. Anonymous14:13

    This is absolutely beautiful, i hope it stays and that other planes get their tails painted in other famous Serbs.

  19. Anonymous14:20

    Odlično! Well done!

    The only problem I have with AirSerbia livery are the engines, in my mind they would look much better with just horizontal red and blue, it would resemble the winglet, just without the logo. The italic typeface is a bit busy for me but it may be my OCD.

    Rgds, Eight

    1. Anonymous19:51

      i agree, engines are not nice ...

    2. I agreee, the engines are terrible

    3. Anonymous21:56

      All white engines with blue Air Serbia logo would be good as well.

  20. Anonymous14:58

    How long is this special livery going to last?

  21. Anonymous15:00

    Air Serbia now needs to explore possibilities of establishing codeshares to further expand their brand. ONEWORLD would be a good partner since they lack a carrier in Eastern Europe and Belgrade could be a good transfer point. There are many ethnic Serbs in the USA and hopefully more service becomes available.

  22. Anonymous16:23

    While everyone in Serbia is sure to recognize this image of Nikola Tesla, it is likely that majority of people at JFK (where this aircraft will fly to) will not be able to recognize this image. Air Serbia must add a sticker to the tail with his name at least, or "Nikola Tesla, inventor" etc.

    1. Anonymous16:58

      Or Tesla superimposed on the tail or fuselage.

    2. Anonymous16:59

      Does it seem has mustache is a little thicker than it should be?

  23. Anonymous16:29

    Great job!

  24. Anonymous17:46

    I would like entire JU fleet get re-painted back of the plane just like this one. Red tail and blue rear end of the fuselage.

    1. Yes i agree but the engine needs a new pattern

  25. F A N T A S T I C

  26. Anonymous21:55

    Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

    Norwegian meets Lufthansa.

    Could have gone for something more original such as Tesla's formulas on the plane.

    That or paint it on an A320 that has far more visibility around Europe.

    Alas, apparently it pleases <90% of folks which it is meant to impress.

    1. Anonymous22:50

      "Norwegian meets Lufthansa" you literally nailed it. This is exactly what the current livery is.
      Why just not stick to the original logo, which is pretty cool. Also the combined colours with the engines are another story.....

    2. Anonymous23:50

      Repeating Norwegian meets Lufthansa is grounds for deletion.

      You are the only one that doesn't like it. Repeating it does not seem like many people are against it.

      Tesla is a well known, relatable name in the US and the goal is for US audience at JFK to associate it with Serbia. This livery will achieve that goal and you can do nothing against it. Absolutely nothing. Tesla=Serbia. Does that hurt you? Good.

    3. Anonymous02:27

      Yeah, yeah. It is still a Norwegian meets Lufthansa concept. Nice attempt though.

    4. Anonymous03:32

      You will get deleted in the morning. Glad to see Tesla=Serbia pissing you off.

    5. Anonymous06:32

      How about free speech and right to an opinion?

      The only reason it was posted twice was due to a computer error.

      However you're not bothered by 100 Wow comments that could be coming from the same person.

      PS: I would have nothing against Tesla on an A320 or in an original livery as to the reasons posted above.

      The very thing that the right to a discussion bothers you tells a lot.

      Also, Tesla is relatively well know, how about Pupin, Ducic, Cosis and other Serbian scientists and poets that need a promotion?

      Aeroflot has done that right.

      Sorry but flying to Nikola Tesla airport on a Nikola Tesla plane is border out of taste and clearly overdoing it.

      Even the best cake gets tasteless if you eat it too much.


    6. Anonymous06:43

      What did Aeroflot do exactly? They put names on the planes, they didn't introduce special liveries to commemorate those people. JU is keeping Tesla because that's what they did with YU-ARA, they are sticking to a concept of continuity.
      I am sure that in the future when they introduce a second A330 into their fleet it won't be Nikola Tesla. Changing the name now and dropping Tesla makes literally zero sense, especially on a plane that goes to New York where Tesla lived and worked.

      Why don't you make a concept and send it to JU since you are so full of... ideas let's say.

      p.s. I am sure one day your national carrier will also introduce a special livery ;)

    7. Anonymous06:45

      Everytime i entered an Aeroflot plane i Googled the name of the scientist written on it.

      I wouldn't bother to do the same for some large face on the tail.

      This is simply spoiling an otherwise great livery.

    8. Anonymous06:48

      They will write his name on the side of the plane so people can Google it when they board. ;)
      Also I doubt many people need to Google Nikola Tesla. Also, Serbia is currently building a new Tesla museum in Dorcol so it makes sense to promote it even more to attract as many tourists as possible.

    9. Anonymous07:13

      This is a very stupid way to promote a country.

      98% of people don't care about science and even less about Serbian scientist.

      Mostly Serbs care about this.

      Much better would be to paint some klisura or landscape onto the fuselage so that people can associate it subconsciously with (Air) Serbia.

    10. Anonymous07:14

      You don't travel half the world to visit a museum.

    11. Anonymous07:45

      Just because you don't doesn't mean others are like that. Promoting Tesla museum might give people a reason to further research Belgrade as a tourist destination. Since you are so smart you must be rich and successful running a succesful company

    12. Anonymous08:52

      How about vice-versa such as painting a silhouette of Belgrade if that's what you want them to visit?

      Don't be stupid.

    13. Anonymous08:56

      I think this is a much better example:

      I'm sure you think they're also stupid and not running a successful company, unlike your elders.

    14. Anonymous09:18

      Sincerly nothing special about your Cathay example... borderline ordinary. The idea of also customizing the back of the fuselage is good though...

    15. Anonymous13:02

      Tesla on a tail is fantastic idea and well executed. Once new Nikola Tesla museum is opened in Belgrade, additional sticker could be placed to promote the museum.

    16. Anonymous16:26

      Promoting Tesla is not a bad thing at all, but this can be made much more discreet by christening the name of the aircraft similar to what Iberia and Aeroflot for example do.
      Assuming the Norwegian model was applied, the Lufthansa blue could've been easily avoided and especially that curve that looks almost exactly the same. To add to all this, the engines are also painted with the national flag and makes things much more forced. The world needs memorable and original liveries such as the LH crane, KLM crown, former Olympic circles, Qantas kangaroo and many others. The current ASL logo is pretty cool, they could've easily applied it and insert Nikola as a silhouette on the plane's middle part for instance instead of the current Norwegian meets Lufthansa.

    17. Anonymous17:25

      Well balanced and attractive. This is the best livery in CEE. Looks like former Delta livery.

    18. Anonymous17:30

      Yeah, the best in the whole continent.
      Norwegian meets Lufthansa ;)

    19. Anonymous17:31

      That is exactly the problem.

      It looks like many things.

      The original livery might be the best around Europe but not this 'face on the tail aka DY-LH livery'.

    20. Anonymous17:39

      Nikola Tesla livery is certainly better than disgusting Aeroflot livery. It is unique and everyone loves. Everyone except one person, which actually makes everyone else love it even more!

    21. Anonymous18:17

      Please, grow up.

    22. Anonymous18:35

      Au royaume des aveugles, les cyclopes sont des rois.


    23. Anonymous18:51

      This is the issue, you don't accept or admit criticism. Not everyone can be forced to like the new ASL livery. Also this very blue colour cleary resembles LH.
      The Aeroflot current and new A350 livery are way much more elegant and distinctive.

    24. Anonymous19:27

      Almost all of the responses to the new paint scheme have been positive. Some news outlets also reported on it in a positive light. It is very rare to find negative comments, so it is unfortunate to see remains of the Internet Research Agency on the wrong side of history for their opinion on Air Serbia paint job.

    25. Aэrologic19:58

      Most of those people don't have any idea what airplane is even on the picture let alone they know any other livery variants to have any real critical opinion.

      For most people iPhone is the best phone ever, we live in democracy and
      Corona is nearing the end of humankind...

      Yet as you should know, just as Tesla knew, the majority is rarely right
      and mostly just follows the gregarious spirit i.e incremental reactions of the society that surrounds them.

      The livery ain't ugly per se, as a drawing.

      It's shiny and colorful and that's about it (plus A330 is a nice plane making it difficult to screw it up totally). Even TK didn't manage.

      But the fact of it being a copy makes it ugly already, to anyone able to
      recognize the liveries and patterns used to produce this one.

      How can you celebrate a genius by being a copy-cat?

      Is this an oxymoron or paradox or how do you want to call it?

      Second. It ruined another great livery.

      The original Air Serbia livery is good. Stunning. Period. Leave it in peace.

      No need to add names or faces on the tail that ruin the original concept.

      Fuselage is big enough to put anything you like.

      Third. It is posted on the wrong aircraft model with minimum visibility
      outside photo forums (explained yesterday).

      That alone makes it absurd and per se ugly.

      I'm sure Tesla would agree.

      Sorry, but there were many other ways to produce the desired outcome.

      "I don't care they stole my idea...

      I care they don't have any of their own."

      Nikola Tesla

    26. Anonymous02:26

      Meni izgleda odlično. Ne razumem kako nekom može da se ne dopada.

    27. Anonymous02:35

      I can't wait to see new A330 in person, both outside and inside. Water cannon salute, media and planespotters will be at Belgrade airport in a couple of days to celebrate lovely livery.

    28. Anonymous05:22

      @Aэrologic 19:58 -

      I simply cannot understand that someone is so convinced that he and only he is right, like you. Personally, I'm a "JAT forever" kind of guy so no ASL fanboy here. I think this is a nice livery, not the most unique and never seen before but it is good. Same goes for original ASL livery - it's ok, logo is not that memorable and recognizable at all, too complex to see from afar and remember it. All JAT logos, even the dots everyone hates, could be recognized when you see the plane flying over the city.

      Back to the new Tesla livery - I like it, it will be spotted and will make some comments, for sure. Also, it makes no sense to compare it to Lufthansa or Norwegian. There are MANY special liveries and portraits on the tail (even Romanian low cost Blue Air has or had one) and many liveries featuring extended color from the tail to the fuselage (QANTAS was among the first ones to do it in the 80s).

      It's really not up to you or me to say if the livery is ugly or nice as a final ruling. You can like it or not, there's no point in trying to convince us all that we're wrong just because you have some theories about it.

      P.S. No need to mention coronavirus, really. It's there, it's real, it's dangerous and impacting everything, aviation is one of the most affected industries. Just keep the distance, get your vaccine as I did, let medical staff manage and rest and hopefully we'll all be flying again in the near future.

    29. Anonymous07:13

      I don't see where the link is with LH besides the blue that goes from the tail down. That's not a LH patent, if anything Malev had it before them. So are they copying MA now? The point is for the logo to be recognizable and monumental, this is something they achieved. Putting his formulas or inventions won't do the trick because they are not widely recognizable to the masses you belittle. It's those same masses that fill JU seats.

    30. Anonymous07:16

      The only thing i personally don't understand is that we're somehow obliged to like this livery.

      As if we have no right to dislike it.

      Sincerely, it reminds me of a sect.

      You just keep repeating the same mantra.

      Well no, we're allowed to keep our brain (and eyes) open and not participate in the brainwashing and applaud a bad copy of some Western liveries.

      Honestly, this is crying about low self-esteem.

      We proposed many better alternatives but you somehow keep ignoring that and want to convince us that this livery is 'Ubber Alles' or the very sense of perfection. It is not. Far from it.

      Keeping the critical sprit is essential.

      We can be Serbs or pro-Serbs, like Air Serbia, like their original logo, like Tesla but still despise this livery and especially the thinking behind it.

      Nothing wrong with that.

    31. Аэrologic07:29

      I think it's very dangerous to narrow down a nation down to one single individual, no matter how much i like him.

      The airport is already Nikola Tesla (with Nikola Tesla square) and that's enough. Put the brakes on it or you risk becoming disrespectful both towards him and the rest of your heritage.

      While we keep hammering about Tesla (or Djokovic), relatively inconsequential individuals to Serbian history, no matter how great in their own fields, we're forgetting the entire Serbian legacy which is the one whose memory is endangered (or non-existent) and certainly not Tesla's.

      Especially on the international level.

    32. Anonymous07:38


      The masses you speak about can't care less about Tesla.

      If anyone will care - positively or negatively - are aviation spotters.

      Masses care about prices, schedule, attitude of employees, rekla-kazala etc.

      A nice livery with touristic promotion of Belgrade or Serbia (like the Hong Kong ad) would be a huge bonus.

      The original livery was just fine.

      Except for showing it off to neighbors (where the given aircraft doesn't even fly) this livery makes little sense just as the previous 'special' one that our eyes are still reeling from and happily awaiting its departure back to India.

      Typical Balkan mentality.

    33. Anonymous08:31

      Aerologic, have you been able to convince Air Serbia to change this livery based on your comments? Oh, you have not! Then repeated comments have 0 influence! They are worth zero to Air Serbia. There is no point, you are just making a fool of yourself. How long before you realize this? Two more days? Five days? Oh what a bonehead!

    34. Hmm.

      I don't think two days would be enough to repaint the livery on a A330.

      First they would need to come with something better, which given their level of ingenuity would take at least two months, then there's the summer season etc.

      So i guess it's still too early to tell ;)

      Whether it'll have any influence on future iterations, i have no idea.

      I hope for them (and Serbia) it does.

      It doesn't serve your purpose going after lower-tier options. It never does. Doesn't it?

      By the way, my employment position is still open for you.

      Just send a DM.

    35. Anonymous09:07

      Stubborn = low EQ.

    36. Anonymous09:51

      Jesus Christ Almighty. YU-ARA was named Tesla so YU-ARB is as well. It's called continuity, you should look it up. You already have several important construction projects in Belgrade that are named after historic figures like the Pupin Bridge of the Patriarch Pavle Bridge, then you even have a whole boulevar named after Heroji sa Kosara.
      When YU-ARC arrives, don't worry, it won't be called Tesla, that much I can assure you.

    37. Anonymous09:54

      Let's hope for that.

    38. Anonymous10:21

      Actually the only issue here is that some people can't stand criticism even when it's well directed.

    39. Anonymous10:23

      YU-ARC is not arriving. There won't be another A330.

    40. Anonymous10:42

      Aerologic comments are extremely brilliant and this is what is called healthy criticism.
      Tesla already has been honoured in BEG after naming its terminal.
      You have the fuselage, you have the engines but leave that tail alone.
      Just look at the blue angle, it looks exactly like Lufthansa.
      The current logo is really good and has the typical Europe White scheme.
      The same goes with the current ARA plane livery. Just hoping this new livery is something temporary.

    41. Anonymous13:29

      Rename the airline as Air Nikola Tesla.

  27. Anonymous06:48

    PS: Tesla could also be near the end of the fuselage while keeping the original tail.

    Talking of ideas.

  28. Very nice artwork for the tail.