EX-YU Aviation News was launched on June 1, 2008 with the aim of bringing together commercial aviation news from the former Yugoslavia. Ever since, the site has become the go-to place for news from the region and is updated on a daily basis with fresh articles available from 09.00 Central European Time.

In 2011, the popular "Vintage" section of the site was introduced, documenting and publishing over 500 photographs celebrating the rich history of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia. In 2014, a "News Flash" section was launched, providing short aviation news updates from the region.

EX-YU Aviation News uses a mix of original and aggregated content. The site has published over 6.200 posts including interviews with airline and airport executives, both local and international, and broken numerous industry exclusives. For three years in a row, in 2016, 2017 and 2018, EX-YU Aviation News was named one of the top fifty most influential aviation blogs and websites for aviation professionals by Feedspot, which compiles the most comprehensive list of the best aviation blogs on the Internet.

EX-YU Aviation News is managed singlehandedly, which includes all news content, comment moderation, as well as web design.

Update policy

• Feature news article: Daily at 09.00 CET
• News Flash: Monday - Thursday twice per day, single update on Friday
• Vintage Photos: Saturday evening
• Weekly Newsletter: Sunday afternoon
• New Route Launches: Regularly upon announcement

Limited updates: January 1, January 7, Easter Sunday and December 25.