Vintage photos celebrating the rich legacy of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News throughout 2023.

Updated each Saturday evening, click on photo to enlarge.

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JAT crew on cover of TV magazine, 1987

JAT ad in "Le Figaro" newspaper, 1970s

JAT DC-10 at Ljubljana Airport preparing for departure to New York, 1988

Zagreb Airport, 1973

Split Airport, 1960s

JAT domestic route map, 1980s

JAT crew on Times Square, 1980s

JAT ad in US newspapers, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1975

Belgrade Airport, 1976

Zagreb Airport, 1974

JAT ad for New York and Sydney flights, 1978

New JAT DC-10 ahead of first flight, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT ad in German magazine, 1978

Adria Airways office in Paris on Avenue de l'Opera, 1989

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

Ad for luxury Yugoslav bags TOKO, 1970s

Yugo car being loaded onto a JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, 1980s

First JAT Caravelle at the Sud Aviation assembly plant, 1962

Split Airport, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Split Airport, 1960s

Passengers board an Aviogenex Tupolev at Zadar Airport, 1970s

Ohrid Airport, 1970s

Belgrade Airport terminal building, mid-1960s

JAT fleet of 34 aircraft in 1988 featured in "JAT Review" Magazine

Split Airport, 1986

JAT DC-10 preparing for departure at Dubrovnik Airport, 1987

"They have already flown with the plane everyone's talking about", JAT B737 ad, 1986

Passengers board a JAT Caravelle jet at Prague Airport, 1960s

JAT DC-10 at Belgrade Airport, August 1979

Passengers boarding a JAT B707, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Four Inex-Adria DC-9s lined up at Malta's Luqa Airport, December 1976

Dubrovnik Airport, July 1978

Mechanic placing drogue parachute in JAT Caravelle tailcone, 1960s

JAT DC-9s awaiting delivery, Douglas plant, May 1970

Zadar Airport, 1970s

JAT Yugoslav Airlines, 1950s


  1. Great stuff, thank you!

  2. Anonymous14:21

    I have some vintage photos that I can email you. Can you provide an email address that I can contact you at?

    1. Thanks. You can contact at

  3. Just found about this...ahhh those were the times. JAT was then greater than Emirates.
    Thanks for great content.

  4. Anonymous14:06

    Nice collection, thanks !

  5. Oh my brilliant thanks for that

  6. Anonymous14:40

    Such a pleasant glance to the past...

  7. This all made me cry! I traveled a lot in my life, but I'll always remember flight from Sydney to Belgrade under the bomb scare threat in December of 1988. JAT was an incredible company back then. That is what memories are made of!

  8. Anonymous11:17

    Dear ex yu admin, I do not know are you reading comments, but I want to thank you for all of these great vintage photos. Today when everyone want to earn at every step you share photos without logo or watermark, avalibale to all. Especially I want to thank you for couple of your latestes photos, which I have never seen before on the net or in the JAT books. Thank you


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