Vintage photos 2022

Vintage photos celebrating the rich history of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News during 2022.

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JAT destination network, summer 1990

Split Airport, 1989

Ljubljana Airport, 1960s

Yugotours poster, 1980s

Tivat Airport, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

An Adria Airways DC-6 being escorted by a Yugoslav Army F-86, 1960s

JAT's New York sales office, Rockefeller Center, 1980s

Loading cargo onto a JAT DC-3, 1950s

Berane (Ivangrad) Airport, 1961

Ohrid Airport, 1977

JAT pilots, 1950s

Aviogenex crew, 1970

DC-10 on global promo tour, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Queen Elizabeth II at Belgrade Airport, 1972

Zagreb Airport, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

Split Airport, 1981

JAT Convair aircraft undergoing maintenance, 1960s

Arrival of JAT's first B727 aircraft at Belgrade Airport, 1974

JAT ad for German market, 1989

Dubrovnik Airport under construction, 1960s

Arrival of Aviogenex's first B737-200, Dubrovnik Airport, June 1987

JAT poster, 1950s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

JAT poster, 1950s

Belgrade Airport, 1960s

First Aviogenex Boeing 737-200 prior to delivery, Boeing Flight Center, June 1987

Boeing 757 on global tour, Ljubljana Airport, 1983

Aviogenex and Inex Adria at Edinburgh Airport, 1986

Yugoslav Airlines crew, 1950s

JAT Caravelle and Ford Mustang at Belgrade Airport, 1960s

Inex Adria DC-9 cabin crew, 1980s

Transavia B737-200 at Ohrid Airport, 1980s

Belgrade Airport departures board, 1967

JAT DC-10 at JFK Airport, 1980s

JAT US newspaper ad, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970

JAT DC-10 test flight over California desert, 1970s

Qantas B747 at Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Loading cargo onto a JAT DC-10

Belgrade Airport's Terminal 2 under construction, 1970s

JAT spokesmodel Ksenija Petrovski in uniform, 1970s

JAT delegation visiting airline's first DC-10 in production, Long Beach, 1978

Aviogenex charter operations, 1980s

Yugoslavia's first female commercial pilot, Aviogenex's Gracija Merković, 1980

JAT sales office in downtown Zagreb, 1970s

Adria Airways' first cabin crew member, Ida Globočnik, 1961

JAT feature in UK Skyport newspaper, 1978

DC-10 on global promo tour, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1971

JAT ad for Japanese market, 1980s

JAT ticket booking service, 1979

Yugoslav ski team heading to Winter Olympics, Zagreb Airport, 1980

DC-10 on promotional world tour, Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

JAT cabin crew, 1970s

Split Airport, 1983

Inex Adria ad, 1970s

Ohrid Airport, 1980s

Newspaper ad for JAT's "air bridge"

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

JAT office in downtown Cairo

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

Ohrid Airport, 1980s