Trip reports

Zurich - Ljubljana
Munich - Zurich (operated for Swiss)

Podgorica - Belgrade
New York - Belgrade
Belgrade - Sarajevo
Thessaloniki - London Heathrow via Belgrade
Belgrade - Zurich
London Heathrow - Belgrade
Belgrade - London Heathrow
Belgrade - Vienna
Belgrade - New York
Belgrade - London Heathrow
Sofia - Belgrade
Belgrade - Vienna
Belgrade - Thessaloniki
Brussels - Belgrade

Zagreb - Zurich
Zagreb - Skopje
Munich - Split
London Gatwick - Zagreb
Zagreb - Munich
London Heathrow - Zagreb

Copenhagen - Podgorica
Belgrade - Tivat
Podgorica - Belgrade

Croatia PSO flights

Bratislava - Skopje - Prague
Belgrade - Larnaca

Belgrade - Larnaca via Athens
Corfu - Beirut via Athens
Larnaca - Belgrade via Athens

Auckland - Belgrade via Tokyo and Istanbul
Zagreb - Bahrain via Istanbul
Belgrade - Auckland via Istanbul and Hong Kong
Skopje - Nice via Istanbul

Skopje - Vancouver and back
Sarajevo - Skopje via Vienna
Mombasa - Skopje via Vienna

Belgrade - Frankfurt
Skopje - Vancouver and back
Zagreb - Newark via Frankfurt and Dusseldorf

Budapest - Prague
Weeze - Niš
Eliat - Lvov via Bydgoszcz
London Stansted - Pula

Zanzibar - Skopje via Doha
Skopje - Dar es Salaam via Doha
Skopje - Hanoi via Doha
Belgrade - Hanoi via Doha
Tokyo - Zurich via Doha

Belgrade - Abu Dhabi
Belgrade - Abu Dhabi

Dubai - Zagreb

Colombo - Skopje via Dubai
Sarajevo - Dubai

Larnaca - Belgrade via Bucharest

Belgrade - Budapest

Barcelona - Dubrovnik

London Heathrow - Zagreb

Belgrade - Heraklion

Zagreb - Mali Lošinj

Belgrade - Tunis

Toronto - Zagreb
Venice - Toronto

Skopje - Vancouver and back
San Francisco - Toronto

Tokyo - Ljubljana

Belgrade - Auckland via Istanbul and Hong Kong

Bratislava - Skopje - Prague

Mombasa - Skopje via Addis Ababa and Vienna

Frankfurt - Madrid

Eliat - Lvov via Bydgoszcz

Beirut - Larnaca

Zurich - Singapore
Dubai - Singapore

Auckland - Tokyo
Wellington - Christchurch

Kuala Lumpur - Penang

South American adventure
Around the world 2
Around the world 1

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