Travelling amid a pandemic from Athens to Belgrade


Airline: Air Serbia
Aircraft: Airbus A319-100 (YU-APB) 
Seat: 4F 
Flight Number: JU513 
Route: Athens (ATH) to Belgrade (BEG) 
Flight Time: 01h40min 
Price: USD $135.97 
Date: September 13, 2020

Personal ratings: 

Comfort: 7/10 
Price: 7/10 
Service: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

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  1. Anonymous10:31

    Great trip report. From what I could see load was around 50% to BEG?

    1. Anonymous11:26

      Pretty good considering the travel ban.

  2. Anonymous11:52

    What a great livery!

  3. Anonymous12:31

    Belgrade airport doesn't look too bad like the glass airbridges

  4. Anonymous13:35

    So why only 7 as personal rating? True nothing extraordinary but not worst than many others in the West. I would say 8 would be fair (where we leave 9 and 10 for the likes of EK, SQ..etc)

    1. Anonymous13:48

      You are hillarious. JU which offers chips and water on short haul flights with standard eu seating is just a level below SQ and EK?

    2. Anonymous16:51

      You've obviously never flown on EK. Besides the ife their product is nothing special.

    3. Anonymous21:07

      I did and Still JU is not 8/10 if EK is 9/10.

    4. Anonymous21:54

      EK is a solid seven, same with JU. Don't forget EK charges for luggage, catering has gone down and seat pitch isn't as great. They are no longer the airline they were twenty years ago.

    5. Anonymous08:45

      It is obviously you never flown on short haul economy products of both airlines. JU is same as LH, LO maybe even worse and i would give it not more then 6. On other side EK has hot meals in short haul economy, hot towels, in flight entertainment, seats with headrests, a lot of pockets, cup holder.... i flown on JU but they didnt have any of these, as i said they offered me a bottle of water with chips while seating were clasicc intra european slimline seats.

    6. Anonymous09:41

      And what about EK's partner FZ? ;) as many destinations are being taken over from them.

      Also I've flown on EK, of course and the meals they serve are horrible on short flights.

    7. Anonymous09:47

      We are talking about EK not FZ. Still their are far better then Čačanski čips. Same as seating. And still you did not prove that JU has the same quality of seating as EK or sane quality of meals on shor haul. Simply these airlines are not on the same level, and if they were, it would be weird to hear how Belavia and Aegean are better then EK.

    8. I have to agree with the latter Anon - JU cannot be compared to EK unfortunately.
      They might've 5 years ago, while they were still serving hot meals and metal cutlery alongside.
      However, now, on a 3h intra european flight, to be served a 'junior' bottle of water and 2 cookies in a plastic wrap is unacceptable.

  5. Anonymous10:34

    Athens airport has pretty condensed facilities. It appears a bit claustrophobic, but passengers are spared unneeded long walks from check in to their gate, or to the gate to baggage claim area.
    A bit claustrophobic on departure, but very time savvy.

    1. That's my main issue with ATH airport - their departure is claustrophobic. The ceiling is far too low, and when it gets crowded you just wanna escape somehow.

      I flew out of BEG yesterday and I must say they're really progressing with the expansion - cranes and machines everywhere. Just hope the new terminal will have high ceilings.


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