TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Belgrade - Frankfurt


Route: Nikola Tesla Airport - Frankfurt Airport
Trip taken: September 2021
Scheduled flight time: 2 hours 5 minutes

It took more than 20 months for me to get back to flying - the flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt was my first since the pandemic. Apart from being very cautious about the potential Covid administrative obstacles for entering Germany, the preparations for the flight resembled the previous era, expect for one key detail. Although Air Serbia did send the reminder for the flight via email, calling the passengers to check-in online, it turned out that Serbian citizens could not complete the process on the website. Only the bearers of a German passport were allowed to complete the procedure for the flight to Germany, while all others would have had to go through the detailed inspection of Covid certificates at the airport.

Having arrived at Nikola Tesla Airport well ahead of schedule, I had enough time for the ground procedure that is not too different to what could be seen before the pandemic.

The first check of Covid certificate is performed at the start of the check-in queue, only passengers with appropriate Covid and German registration documents could continue.

Air Serbia check-in counter was not crowded

The highly appreciated self-check-in was not an option

Moving through passport control, where Covid documents are not required when departing from Belgrade, I have discovered that the departures hall has been almost totally overhauled.

During renovation, some signs at Belgrade Airport are temporary

Boarding was completed ahead of schedule and about a half of the seats on YU-APE were occupied. Most of the passengers were seated in the front rows, so the fact that I was given a window seat (that I asked for during the check-in) in the last row was also an opportunity take all three seats.

With just a few minutes after the scheduled departure time, the Airbus A319-100 left Belgrade and we had a very smooth and pleasant flight to Frankfurt.

The only free option on board in Air Serbia is a tiny bottle of water and branded version of the locally produced potato chips. Afterwards, the cabin crew was very busy selling sandwiches and beverages from the paid menu

The arrival at Frankfurt Airport was ahead of schedule, with the disembarkation being very smooth and quick. Passport and Covid certificate control were also very efficient as the flight from Belgrade was obviously the only flight at that terminal at that time.

The arrivals hall at Frankfurt Airport Terminal B was almost deserted - only a few flights were arriving at one of the busiest European airports in the pre-pandemic era. Quick delivery of luggage and empty airport shuttle were the last positive aspects of what was to me a very successful return to flying.

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  1. Anonymous09:45

    Nice report, tnx!

  2. Anonymous10:50

    Thanks for the report! Nice pictures. Interesting information.

  3. Anonymous14:55

    Not very great LF, I wonder what does LH do better to manage to get their flight near full while JU flies half empty?

    1. Anonymous15:03

      So you base your average load factor on a route based on a single flight in one direction? Very smart of you.

    2. I can not even believe that someone on here would ask why is LH load factor higher? Have you heard anout FRA being a cnx hub for cnx flights? Have you also heard how many long haul flights they operate daily.?? Like just wow.

    3. Anonymous12:16

      This flight apparently happened only few days or a couple of weeks after the German authorities designated Serbia as a high-risk infection area. It means a quarantine of at least 5 days is mandatory and unavoidable for anyone non-vacinated as well as anyone vaccinated with Chinese and Russian jabs, which in total is about 80% of all Serbian citizens/residents. German residents who found themselves in Serbia rushed to fly after the announcement was made on Sep. 3rd and the entry restriction came into force starting Sep. 10th. So between those dates LF was certainly 95+ percent. It is logical that for the first weeks after that there was sharp demand drop.

      To enter Germanyfrom Serbia, you need to show a proof of full vaccination at least 14 days before the flight, a recent recovery confirmation, or face a quarantine. Additionally, these rules are not as strictly conducted at ground crossings, so some people travel by bus or car instead of flying.

  4. Anonymous04:20


    1. CNX stands for Connection in travel industry.

    2. Anonymous18:27

      "cnx hub for cnx flights" OK ...


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