TRIP REPORT: Croatia Airlines, Zagreb - Zurich


Written by William

Here is a short trip report from Zurich to Zagreb on Croatia Airlines' turboprop in business class.

There were two and a half rows in business class on the Bombardier Dash 8 taking us to Zurich on this occasion. On the port side there is a row 1 and 2. On the starboard side however, there is only a row 2, which is the bulkhead row. It is also the emergency exit row, so legroom is in fact rather good here. The flight was completely full and I suspect there were at least four commercial upgrades in business class. And incidentally, the seat next to you is not kept empty in business class.

There were two ladies working the cabin and they were perfectly charming, very friendly and elegant. Of course it helps that their uniforms look pretty sharp. While we were on the ground, the crew offered Croatian newspapers and pre-packed cold towels. The flight time was announced at one hour and twenty-five minutes.

After departure, the meal was delivered on a tray. Breakfast was served and it consisted of the following:

- Fruit salad.
- Muesli with yogurt and prunes.
- A plate with cheese, tomato and olives.
- A bun and a croissant with butter and this really tasty orange and fig jam.
- Tea or coffee.
- Apple juice

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. The muesli was tasty and quite filling, especially with the large bottle of yogurt. The fruit salad tasted fresh and the variety of cheese was good.

I had a second coffee to keep me going (awake). But it was of no use, it was just too early when I started on my way home and before I knew it, my head was tilting forward and I started dribbling into my polo shirt.

I was awakened by the cabin crew who patted me on the shoulder and asked me to replace my tray table.

Zurich Airport really is quite impressive, I must say. Despite the fact that the place is very busy with arriving and departing aircraft, by the time I reached the luggage belt I only had to wait for another two minutes before the suitcases started arriving. Mine was the third off the belt.

Overall, the flight was rather enjoyable.

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  1. Anonymous09:12

    I am surprised OU can't operate Zurich with anything larger than Q400.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    hahaha the funniest report ever...''dribbling into my polo shirt.'' Must have been the sharp uniforms of the perfectly charming crew. Or the filling muesli...

  3. Anonymous09:24

    Do they provide metal cutlery?

  4. Anonymous09:26

    Aren't OU uniforms pretty standard? Navy blue suit with a scarf?

    1. Anonymous09:30

      They are black I think, not navy blue.

  5. Thanks for the report but I think it’s pretty embarrassing that OU and other airlines use the term business class when there is much better products offered by other airlines in premium class. Can’t they just call it that, premium or is just a marketing ploy to get people to pay a lot more for ‘business class’?

    1. Anonymous14:41

      OU has standard European style business class that most other legacy European airlines have on short/medium haul flights. They all call it “business” as well, except for BA.

  6. Anonymous10:17

    How inspiring.

  7. Anonymous11:32

    Croatia really has consistent product and service in business class. Even on short domestic flights service in business class is great. I believe service and cabin crew is biggest value of this company and its brand.

    1. Anonymous14:56

      JU must learn from OU.
      With the exception of the JFK route, business on JU still lacks much behind

    2. Anonymous15:00

      Not really at all if you have flown their business class since October, when they returned to the same level of service as it was a year ago before they made those short lived on board service reductions.

  8. Anonymous09:19

    I think ¨business¨class is ridiculous on q400/at72 really!
    This class should be called ¨premium meal¨class, if we can even call this meal premium :D


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