TRIP REPORT: Turkish Airlines, Istanbul - Zagreb


Hey there and welcome on board Europe’s best narrow body! Turkish Airlines is currently the only one setting the bar high on the short haul Euro flights. Come and join me and my family on a quick journey to Croatia, our second home. I take Turkish Airlines to Croatia quite often as there are convenient transfer times from the UAE, but this also means that I noticed they haven’t changed the breakfast choice for over 10 years. Regardless of that, it was a nice comfortable ride. Thank you for being here and enjoy

Flight Number: TK 1053
Aircraft Type: Boeing B737-800 W
Registration: TC-JVK
Flight Time: 01:41

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  1. Anonymous11:02

    Awesome filght report!

  2. Anonymous11:13

    Well done! Interesting report

  3. Anonymous11:58

    Starting last week, Turkish Airlines rolled-out both in Economy & Business a new, enhanced in-flight catering:

  4. Anonymous12:11

    They are going to announce in june a massive order of 600 airplanes .

    1. Anonymous17:34

      If the government stays the same ..

  5. Anonymous23:01

    Great report, TK has an absolute best product in Europe, always my first choice if the price is not crazy above the competitors.

    1. TK for sure is an amazing product. Onboard. Never met ruder ground staff and every time you have to pray nothing goes wrong, because rebooking, dealing with their call center etc is a mess.

    2. Anonymous08:37

      I agree. Very rude staff, everywhere.

  6. Anonymous23:49

    Interesting report, specially for me that flight many times in that route.


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