TRIP REPORT: HOP! Paris - Dubrovnik


Written by Papoumada

This trip was taken in late October of last year, just before the start of the 2020/2021 winter season. 

Charles de Gaulle Airport was eerily empty. At our gate, our temperature was checked. Boarding was conducted in such a way in order to maintain social distancing.

When we boarded, the cabin on the Embraer 190 was still rather empty, however, it filled up, although one seat was left empty next to each passenger. There was a group of pilgrims on board going to visit Medjugorje, which took up most of the aircraft. Originally, this flight was supposed to be operated by an Air France Airbus A320. We booked an exit row seat free of charge thanks to our status, however, we didn’t get it because of the equipment change. Even worse, our friend paid fifteen euros to have an exit row but wasn’t allocated the seat. 

On this flight, the Air France Magazine was again part of the on board product, since it was discontinued during the height of the pandemic. 

Upon departure we were first issued health declaration forms, while service started shortly after. The cabin crew members were very pleasant. We had a choice of drinks and some crackers. The crew was aware of our seat change and said they would file a complaint. They came by a bit later and offered us champagne as an apology for the seat change, which was a very nice touch. 

The toilet on board is quite small but was clean and had some additional disinfectant wipes. 

Soon enough we landed in Dubrovnik. The crew gave out instructions on how disembarkation was supposed to take place with social distancing. Despite their best efforts, everyone just got up to leave. 

We were bussed to the terminal, less then 200 metres from our plane. After passing through passport control, the suitcases were already waiting for us.

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  1. Anonymous09:09

    How come they didn't use the airbridge in DBV?

    1. That was Embraer 190. Airbridges are designed for larger and higher types
      of aircrafts.

    2. Anonymous00:21

      Airbridges can be used for even smaller planes, let alone an E190

  2. Anonymous09:24

    I love AF, still think they have quite a nice style. Even though, Hop! is a regional airline it still looks great. Them ovaled figures are typical for CDG.


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