Travelling amid a pandemic from Zagreb to Amsterdam


Written by Papoumada

On Sunday November 1 around 3 pm. we arrived at Zagreb Airport. It wasn’t very busy outside, while the terminal was deserted inside. Check-in for our KLM flight to Amsterdam had not started yet so we took refuge in the landside bar. 

Two hours before the departure time, the check in desks opened and we were second in the Sky Priority lane. Our flight was the second last of the day. There was only a British Airways flight to London afterwards. 

We then headed to the lounge, passing through the big and affordable duty-free shop. At the lounge, all the food was rapped in plastic due to the coronavirus, while drinks were served on demand. There were quite a few people near the buffet area, while the seating area on the opposite side was empty. 

Boarding for our flight to Amsterdam began early and it was convenient that the gate was located just across from the lounge. The airbridge to the plane is very long and without windows, although this wasn’t such a problem as it was already dark outside. 

We were greeted with a polite welcome as we boarded the B737-700 and headed to our seats which were just behind the dividing curtains. We took our seat and the middle seat was kept blocked. The seat pocket contained the safety card and the in-flight magazine. The business class cabin in front of us was not busy. We declined an offer to upgrade for 134 euros per person. 

We pushed back ahead of schedule. After departure we were served a dinner box which contained a sandwich, water and biscuit. It’s not much but it is better than what you get on Air France. A hand sanitising wipe was also handed out. I accompanied the meal with another glass of water and some wine. A little later I had some coffee (and got an extra cookie). 

The rest of the journey was uneventful. The seats were comfortable considering the middle seat was kept empty. We arrived about fifteen minutes early into Amsterdam.

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  1. Anonymous09:18

    ZAG looks really, really modern. No difference from any other Western airport. Hrvatska did an amazing job modernising its airports. Nice report!

    1. Anonymous18:25

      Is ZAG any different from "Eastern" airports like SIN, HND, DOH, ICN, HKG, NRT?

    2. Anonymous07:25

      Yes, in ZAG there aren't that many things to do once you are airside.

  2. Anonymous10:40

    Flight seems empty especially since they blocked the middle seat.

    1. Anonymous09:57

      Interesting this flight was not full. I flew with KLM on this route 4 times last month, all flights were packed. 3 out of 4 flights with 737-800, and 1 with E190. Many UK/US/Canada transfers.


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