TRIP REPORT: Lufthansa/Asiana, Belgrade - Seoul


Written by George Papathanasiou

Afternoon flight of LH1407 at 13:30 sometimes is on A320neo but ours was on a A320c. Before boarding the flight there was a chance to visit Air Serbia’s Lounge. Regular food has returned to travelers and the lounge is modern with a relaxing atmosphere.

Travelling on Eurobusiness is not something of a great experience; seats in the cabin are economy style with the middle seat blocked. Boarding was efficient and soon after departure, service commenced. Lunch option was served on a tray.

After about an hour and thirty minutes we arrived at FRA where we were greeted by a Lufthansa B747-8, that was scheduled to operate LH712 to Seoul Incheon which departs around 15:25

We arrived around 15:30 which gave us two hours to relax at the Lufthansa Lounge. Flight disembarks at Terminal 1 in the B area (Extra Schengen). There are two identical lounges on the second floor of the round section of the building with aerobridges. Asiana is using the section which are utilized by Air India, LATAM and Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines is the only one that sends an A380 to FRA and then continues to JFK as SQ26. Sadly, the lounge has no view of the tarmac because the boarding corridors are blocking the view. The lounge in Terminal 1 area A is much better (it is identical inside) but has windows overlooking the runways. There is plenty of time to take a shower. In case all are in use, they will inform you when one becomes available. They provide towels and robes but no slippers.

Refreshed you can select your food, but you should not expect much. There is only a soup option and one warm selection for lunch/dinner. There is no cooking on demand. There is a section with drinks and packed food options. There is nice relaxation area, as well as telephone booths (so you will not bother other travelers with you conversation) and some work booths.

Forty five minutes before the flight, I went downstairs to look at the Asiana A350. Asiana used to bring the A380 to Frankfurt before the coronavirus, but now it deploys the A350. Luckily by 12 July 2023 the A380 is returning to FRA.

Flight OZ542 is scheduled to depart 17:35 but there was a delay because the German Immigration Police was inspecting the aircraft. Aircraft, crew, boarding staff were on time but immigration police was late. The moment the police left through the gate, boarding commenced with two lines of passengers, one for business and gold card holders and the other for economy passengers. Staff was making sure that you had the K-ETA printout to enter Korea and pre-entry Q-code for quarantine Covid19 defense.

Crew welcomed passengers at the entrance of the aircraft and escorts you to your seat, collecting your coat to be hanged at the closet. On your seat you will find blanket, pillow, amenity kit and on your side a bottle of water, slippers and headphones. The blanket is very thin, and the pillow is not very fluffy, but the slippers are good. Unfortunately, they do not offer pajamas. The A350 was clean and in good condition. The seat has enough space for you to feel comfortable. The crew friendly and attentive even though the cabin was full. They started with a welcome drink until all passengers boarded. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to inspect the amenity kit and its contents.

When boarding was completed they distributed the menu and drink catalogue. They offer Laurent Perrier champagne. I selected Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wine. For dessert wine I selected Old Tawny Port.

Before pushback, a flight attendant personally apologized that our flight would be longer than before the war (now they are avoiding Russian airspace) and would take us 11 hours and 20 minutes to reach Incheon, I should relax and enjoy the flight and she will attend any need that I would have, she asked for my selection for dinner and the wines that I would have. Asiana has a Korean Option Meal. By that time, we were ready for departure.

There is WiFi available on the aircraft but you have to pay (even business class passengers) US$11.95 for one hour, US$16.95 for 3 hours and US$21.95 for the entire duration of the flight.

Departure was delayed 17 minutes. The captain welcomed us and announced our routing. They do not offer warm refreshing towel, but they distributed sealed tissues.

About 30 minutes after departure inflight service commenced. They set the table with white linen, and placed the silverware and plates. Service is done by trolley. First the salad, dressing and fish appetizer was served. To my surprise, the olive oil was a Greek one. Even Koreans are selecting Greek oil? I know that Greeks are trying to enter the Chinese market, but I did not hear anything about the Korean market. I know that it is difficult to enter such markets because they think olive oil is only for medical purposes. The main course was veal, exceptionally cooked and very tender and juicy. After that, cheeses and port was served to me. Finally, the dessert arrived with coffee (or tea). Dessert was not to my taste but coffee was good.

When the service was finished, it was time to check the WC. There were additional tooth brushes, razor blades and bottle of moisture cream and cologne.

Returning to my seat, I found my bed ready for use.

It was time for me to play with the controls of the seat and with IFE. IFE was OK, limited to my taste of movies. I managed to find 2 movies to keep me busy. I slept nicely a long time because I woke up when we were over China and soon, we saw the Yellow Sea. 

By that time, they started to serve breakfast. To my surprise they served three plates. First were fruits and then the chicken appetizer. Finally, the omelet arrived.

We reached the Terminal 1 and parked next to Asiana’s A380.

The terminal of Incheon is great, Terminal 1 is used by Asiana and Terminal 2 is used by Korean Air. A train connects the two terminals. Outside of the terminal, you can catch the train to Seoul city.

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  1. Anonymous09:04

    Great report and for an airline we don't hear much about.
    Many thanks!

  2. Anonymous09:25

    How was the load from BEG to FRA?

    By the way you were greeted by a B744 not B748.

    1. Anonymous20:39

      correct I did not notice the engine covers.

    2. Anonymous04:18

      Easier with classic wing tips (744) instead of raked wing tips (748)

  3. Anonymous10:59

    Very interesting report and airline, Thank you.

  4. Anonymous11:50

    Didn't know Asiana has A380. Great report and interesting trip.

  5. Vlad11:55

    Great trip report!

    Important to note, though, that a J ticket with LH does NOT give you access to the Air Serbia lounge at BEG - I presume you accessed it through Priority Pass.

    1. Anonymous20:44

      LH is using the other Lounge which is very plain to my taste and since I had the pass I thought I should use it.

  6. Anonymous12:03

    Very nice trip report, does not overbear the reader with too much info/text. Hope you had a nice time in Belgrade as well.

  7. Anonymous14:40

    Lufthansa onboard product in Business became a true embarrassment nowadays.

    1. Anonymous15:05

      Not only. The Eurowings website is a COMPLETE nightmare. Had to reload the page 3 times for the final payment. Cash and miles no longer working since mid March. LH website is slow and not very user-friendly. I promise you, it takes less than 5 minutes to book a flight via the Ryanair app especially if you have a profile. LH also now uses Lithuanian cheaper planes from Avion Express and deploys them on some routes to reduce costs. You cannot obviously choose a seat on that segment even if you paid the full fare including everything.
      They deploy their ageing EW A319s on some strange routes and "EW Discover" on leisure routes with higher demand. This is why I am doubting that SKP-FRA might be operated in the future with Eurowings planes instead.
      The Miles and More Lufthansa page is a complete nightmare as well. No common sense behind it and the user experience is not the best.
      Lufthansa is definitely and officially NO longer a 5-star airline and would even classify it as 3,5 and not 4. They also went under the knife and destroyed the airline identity by touching the logo and getting rid of the orange colour in the crane that what it makes it brand so unique. They could have done something similar to Emirates. Preserving the colours, logo but just giving it a slight uplift or the same way Qantas did.

  8. Anonymous20:57

  9. Anonymous09:46

    We need a direct line.

  10. Anonymous08:30


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