TRIP REPORT: Turkish Airlines, A321neo in business class


Written by Filippo Bertoni

This report is covering a short segment (Milan to Istanbul - 150min) which is part of a longer journey to/from Egypt. I had the pleasure to fly Turkish Airlines A321neo in their latest business class. What a product and service. In my opinion, this is an improvement to their already great short/medium-haul former business class product and does confirm TK as a leading global carrier, putting all European carriers to shame.

The A321neo is incredibly quiet, a joy to fly. The service was truly professional and friendly. Catering, as usual on TK, very good both in quality and quantity. The ultra HD IFE screen is huge and super responsive. I appreciated the privacy divider and the generous seat width and recline. Having free and reliable Wi-Fi on a narrow-body plane/intra-European flight is a big plus and a true differentiator towards competitors. Below are some pictures of the product:

Flying via Istanbul on a monthly basis and being a top TK frequent flyer, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in Turkish Airlines on-time performance within the last few months. I have hardly had any delays and most of the time, my flights have been ahead of schedule. Kudos to the airline for this.

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  1. Anonymous09:24

    #1 airline in Europe in terms of product and quality in Business. Impossible to beat TK.

    I don't know if there is any European airline that have 2-2 seat configuration in business class, all the ones that I know are 3-3 and middle empty seat.

    1. Agreed that TK is one of the best. However, do not forget that it is entirely backed by the state, which is not a common practice in Europe. This is the a big advantage because EU law urges for more competition rather than monopoly.
      Nevertheless, TK remains one of the best airlines not only in Europe but worldwide, too.
      I am hoping to see them launch SYD one day. That will be real ("bad news" like it is famous to say in this forum) for the MEB3 airlines.

  2. Anonymous09:29

    Wondering what exactly "parmesan tomato sauce" means. Playing the italian card even wrongly, always pays lol
    Great product from TK!

  3. Anonymous10:51

    I'm missing the famous legs shot :)

  4. Anonymous15:56

    Report is exactly the same as restaurant reviews: couple of pictures of the restaurant, table/seat and food served. Restaurant is quiet, has great service and a free wi-fi.

    Where's passion for aviation and travel experience in all of this? Disappointing.


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