TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Belgrade - Jakarta via Doha


Written by Tamas Szecsei

Date: August 2019

It was my first time flying with Qatar Airways, so I was really excited. My previous long haul flight experience was 4 years ago when I flew from BUD to CAN via FRA and MUC with Condor. However, Condor as a leisure airline was completely different from what QR had to offer.

I bought tickets for my flight a month before the journey. I was considering going via Budapest, because I live halfway between Budapest and Belgrade. However, the price was much higher. I bought my ticket, departing Belgrade, for 500EUR, although it would have cost me 650EUR flying from BUD. The biggest difference was that Qatar Airways operates an A330 for the morning flight from Budapest.

Route: BEG - DOH
Aircraft: A320-200
Flight Number: QR372
Flight hours: 4h 50m

My flight from BEG was in the late evening (22:35). The airport was completely empty (in addition to our flight, there were also people flying the Lufthansa flight, right next to ours). My positive conclusion was that the late-night flight would be ideal for a good sleep in the plane. Well it wasn’t quite like that. My flight number was QR372 with the usual A320 and the flight time exactly 4h 50m or even less, I can’t remember. However, I do remember, that I was really satisfied with Qatar Airways’ economy product. It was not even close to Air Serbia’s product, which I in fact really appreciate. The aircraft was full, which really surprised me due to the fact that it was late at night.

Just an hour after take off, we were distributed a warm and tasty breakfast with a cheesecake dessert.

I was amazed with the Oryx One entertainment system. It had all the new blockbuster films and some great series. Not to forget, I really liked their music offer too.

It was 4:25 AM (UCT +01h) in Doha when we landed. Luckily, the first plane I saw was my favorite - the A350, however, we weren’t docked at a jetbridge, which was a bit uncomfortable in the early morning.

The connection time in DOH was 3 hours (in both directions) which was just right for this price. I was too tired to explore the airport, however, I knew about an area called the quiet room, so I went there for a nap.

The quiet room was my third best experience at Hamad International after the inner airport train that I had to take from gates A to gates E. However, my best experience was meeting the fantastic and friendly yellow bear at my entry to transfer.

I also caught this beautiful aircraft readying for departure to Paris CDG. I just call it a whale and flying on it is still on my bucket list. Before falling in love with the A350, the A380 was my favorite.

My next flight was departing at 8:15 AM from gate E, Terminal 3. It was on the other end of the airport, so I had to take an electric train (free of charge), since it was too far to walk. I really enjoyed it. The interior of area E was fascinating and I have never seen an airport as modern and beautiful like this before. My boarding started one hour before departure. However, boarding closed quite quickly because we had to be bussed to the plane (Yayy).

Route: DOH - JKT
Flight number: QR954
Flight time: 9h

This picture was my proud product of boarding by bus. I was lucky enough to catch a pretty Qatar lineup in the background. Probably the reason why we had to board by bus was that the taxiway to the gates was under reconstruction (😔).

I will never forget seeing the engines of a Dreamliner for the first time. They were so big and beautiful that I couldn’t find words for them.

Surprisingly our neighbor was also a 787 Dreamliner, so I could get to know the type a little bit more from the bus.

I think that I have never enjoyed taking pictures of planes so much like photographing the A35K.

I shouldn’t leave out how beautiful the wings of the Dreamliner are.

Lining up for takeoff took a long time, although I don’t regret it, because I could spot some nice touchdowns while lining up. If you want to check them visit my instagram page.

The economy product was again nearly the same, although the aircraft made a big difference overall, at least for me.

I chose scrambled eggs again for breakfast, because I couldn’t get enough of them with a pasty croissant. It was all very tasty. If I remember correctly, it was served an hour after takeoff.

After breakfast, we went 4 hours without any food, which was a bit long, but I survived, just like everyone else. However, I did get some sweets from the flight attendants. On my flight there were two flight attendants from Russia.

Thanks for the pic girls, I really enjoyed flying with you

My last picture before sundown. The clouds were representing the usual ultra-hot and hazy weather of the Far East (somewhere after India).

After dinner, for which I selected the lamb stew with noodles, the captain switched on the special mood lighting on the Dreamliner. Again, it was something I have never seen on an airplane before.

It was 9:25 PM local time (UTC +05h) when we landed. Everything was all right until the passport check. The next story I’m going to tell you will be an example what you shouldn’t do just before the passport control at JKT. DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE, AND SEND IT TO ANYONE, SO THAT HE/SHE KNOWS THAT YOU LANDED. 1. Because it’s prohibited (nobody sees the picture first) and 2. They could send you home. I was lucky enough not to be sent home. 

Anyway, I am still amazed what a long journey I had. I travelled 18 hours (with a layover) and 10.000 kiloemtres from my home. Not to mention I was only 18 years old (and still am). Thank you, Qatar, and everybody who made me feel pleasant during the flight. I can only recommend them.

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  1. Anonymous10:16

    Nice report. Good to hear that the loads were good on the evening QR flights from Belgrade. Hopefully the evening service comes back next summer too.

    1. Anonymous03:51

      Daily evening flights would be even better ...

  2. Anonymous10:16

    Qatar Airways economy product looks very decent.

  3. Anonymous13:23

    Thank you for the fantastic report and thank you for choosing BEG over BUD. :D

    Who were mostly the passengers on the BEG-DOH flight? Serbs or foreigners/Asians?

    By the way, that was LH from MUC, it spends the night there. That's why the airport was especially empty. :D

  4. Anonymous16:29

    I flew with Qatar this year and my impression

    A330s are rundown. They have old IFE screens which are virtually useless. But food to Asian cities is fantastic!


    On the line of BEG I had
    - No IFE at all in A320, Seat exactly the same as easyJet that I just flew today. I even think the seat pitch is the same.
    Food - some scrambled eggs without any seasonings.
    Cabin smelled like exhaust gasses smell just like on an old rundown city bus.
    Pilot forgot the destination city name.
    Plane flew over a war zone which is Syria. I knew that by tracking GPS on my phone (its just a receiver so the use on board is permitted as long there is no data from network enabled). After the MH17 shootdown ICAO shall forbid that to all airlines!

  5. Anonymous16:53

    I love this trip reports !
    This is another gem .

    Well done !

  6. Anonymous18:33

    Fantastic report, great pictures, it really shows that you enjoyed in the flight and you are real airline fan :)

  7. Great report Tamas, keep up the good work! Happy flying!

  8. Thank you for the lovely report. Enjoy flying!

  9. Anonymous09:47

    Keep writing!!! Finally travel report without stupid comments.


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