TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Thessaloniki - London


Submitted by Angel Arnaudov

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my trip report from Thessaloniki to London via Belgrade using Air Serbia A319 and their discontinued business class cabin.

The trip took place in April 2017.

Some more pictures from my trip can be seen below.

Business class lounge in Thessaloniki:

Prosecco for welcome drink once on board:

Selection of Serbian newspapers:

Nice view of the Aegean Sea after takeoff:

Business class meal on 55 minute flight:

Landed in Belgrade:

Next morning, breakfast in Air Serbia lounge:

Meal on the leg to London:

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the return leg report.

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  1. Anonymous09:52

    Very very nice report indeed and OMG the meal course to LHR was IMPRESSIVE!!! Neat product!

    Why did JU pass to mono economy? I didn't know that!

    1. Anonymous11:23

      They didn't. They now offer the typical European J product with the middle seat blocked.

    2. Anonymous11:42

      ...and a horendous, overpriced soft product. Would be better for them not to offer anything than to offer that cardboard box.

    3. Anonymous11:57

      What cardboard box are you referring to A11:42 ?

    4. Anonymous12:03

      I think he is referring to this -

    5. Anonymous12:24


      Still, some other airlines offer worse products. But yet, agreed that it's not really business.
      I am not really surprised. This is the only the way JU will cut costs and return to profit again. I think this will be improve once they return to green numbers again.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Sorry, I have to disagree with "some other airlines offer worse products". I fly always Business Class in Europe, with various airlines. JU used to be my absolute first, now it is my worst. I cannot understand why they completely DESTROYED their fantastic Business Class. I get they needed to save costs, but what does it cost to chase your most loyal customers away? Now you get just that stupid cardboard box, which is the same on every flight. Plastic cutlery, paper napkins and 1 tiny biscuit wrapped in plastic for desert. No hot towels, no place mat, no pre-take off drink, no more entertainment, no blankets, no pillows and just one claustrophobic row (curtain behind you and bulkhead in front) of those rock hard recaro seats. I used to go out of my to fly them, now I go out of my way to avoid them - partially out of spite. This product is not worthy to be called Business. It is premium economy at best. I definatively prefer AZ now over JU, let alone the likes of OK, RO, KL, SU, etc.

    8. Anonymous21:23

      Yes, but how on Earth do you think they'll return to profit if they don't apply these measures?

    9. Fire 70% unnecessary employees - mostly working in ghost management positions?

    10. Anonymous22:29

      It's very easy giving decisions behind the computer. Maybe you should go an apply for the job and fix the company. Cheap attitude.

    11. Anonymous06:26

      I bet you are one of the 'transformation team' members who came with this brilliant idea.

  2. I am glad they put better food in. Business class. I complained last time for lhr it was all plastic and some stupid meze. I sent them such a harsh email for so called business class so they changed it appears.


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