TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Zanzibar - Skopje via Doha


Submitted by Angel Arnaudov

This is a report of a recent trip from Zanzibar to Skopje via Doha with Qatar Airways business class / economy class combined flight. After a few days spent in Tanzania and Zanzibar, the experience on Qatar Airways' business class flight this time was not as good, with most of the food options running out after some four hours into the flight. Qatar Airways economy class to Skopje on the Airbus A320 was excellent. The report includes a short review of the Dhow Lounge at Zanzibar International Airport and a short review of Qatar Airways' business class lounge in Doha. Stay tuned for more videos coming up shortly. The impressions from the flights are in the video below. Thanks for watching.


  1. Super report Angel! Vo Juli letam ZRH-DPS so Qatar. Imas iskustvo so QR i nivniot 777 vo ekonomska klasa? Citav nekoi kritiki deka ne e bas najprijatno iskustvo, posebno so 3-3-3 konfiguracija..

    1. Zdravo Ljupco -
      Triple seven nemam letano vo economy so Qatar ama imam so A359 i imav odlicno iskustvo. Gledam letot do Denpasar e skoro 10 saati, ako ti stigne nekoja primamliva ponuda za upgrade vo business, prifati i uzivaj gi tie 10 saati.

    2. Blagodaram Angel. Da, toa e planot! :)

    3. Anonymous13:36

      Wtf - can't you write in English?

    4. Just use Google Translate, auto detection:)

  2. Anonymous09:24

    Nice report. I love the way you have to walk up to the plane at Zanzibar Airport on the tarmac :)

  3. Anonymous09:36

    Brilliant report indeed. Tanzania looks like a nice place to visit. Most former English colonies are a bit more developed compared to the French ones.
    I am not sure about Angel but flying 2 A320s, especially ZNZ-DOH 6 hours must be eternal, not to mention 5 more hours from DOH-SKP.
    I mean, business class is not bad but I'd rather fly on a B777, A330, etc.

    But hey, nice report and thanks for sharing, Ангел.

    1. To be honest flying the new business class seats in A320/A319 is not that bad, even for 6 hours, although they run out from most of the food options mid flight, the experience is excellent. You get flat bed if you want to get some rest, premium wines and excellent onboard experience.

    2. Anonymous11:54

      Thanks for the info, mate. I have personally flown with QR in cattle class of course :D I flew to CMB and MNL and the service was just brilliant.
      That said, I prefer the triple 7 to the 787. It is one of the best jets ever.
      AF uses them to SCL, the flight was amazing and super nice, even in cattle class.

      I have a couple of questions:

      1) Was the price better than TK and FZ? SKP is quite limited when it comes to connections to Afica.
      2) How long was the transfer time in DOH?
      3) What is your next destination? :D

    3. Hi
      Answers to your questions:

      1. This was a mileage trip to maintain my silver tier with Qatar
      2. On the way to Dar es Salaam I had 14h layover and free hotel with the stopover program, on the way back I had some 7h layover
      3. North Korea, Pyongyang marathon. Route: SOF - DOH - Shanghai - Pyongyang (with Air Koryo). You can subscribe to my youtube channel and also I will share my trip on exyu blog. Thanks for your comments

    4. Anonymous18:39

      Cheers, mate.
      Thanks a lot for your info. Your YT channel looks great! N Korea sounds exciting!!
      QR flies 11 weekly from SOF, so hopefully less transfer time.
      Happy flying.

    5. I'll still have some 8 - 9 hours transfer time in Doha and Qatar provided hotel accommodation (most probably in Oryx Rotana) for me although its in the evening hours, 5PM arrival in Doha and 1AM departure to Shanghai. On the way back I have some 90 minutes connecting time, just enough to enjoy the Al Mourjan lounge for a bit.
      This will be my very first experience of the Qsuite and I'm really looking forward to it. Also Air Koryo and North Korea should be unforgettable experience.

    6. Anonymous20:20

      You bet! Envying you in a very positive way. Be careful with the cameras, videos and photos. It's quite complicated in N Korea.
      You might get into serious trouble.
      FNJ has a new, modern terminal building. Seems really Asian.
      Imagine a flight from DOH to FNJ :D xD

    7. kudos to you for having the guts to travel to NK:)


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