TRIP REPORT: Singapore Airlines, Zurich - Singapore


Note:  Flights between Zurich and Singapore on board Singapore Airlines are codeshared by Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines as flights JP9450/51 and OU5814/15

Written by Filippo Bertoni

This trip is to review a flight which I recently took from Singapore to Zurich with Singapore Airlines in business class. On this direct flight (duration: 13.5 hours), I had the chance to try their latest Business Class seat installed on their newest A380s. In my own opinion, when it comes to the best product and service out there in the skies, Singapore Airlines leads the way by far, followed by Qatar Airways, EVA Air and Turkish Airlines.

The seat itself offers an incredible amount of privacy, plenty of functionalities and storage options and it is wonderfully set-up. Mood lighting makes the onboard atmosphere very relaxing.

The selection of movies is extensive and it comes with a big HD touch-screen.

Food was great (I had pre-ordered the main course through their Book The Cook service) and the service, as usual on Singapore Airlines, was phenomenal being friendly, proactive without being intrusive. Their cabin crew is very well trained and very well groomed (their iconic Singapore girl well reflects such qualities).

In a nutshell, this was, once again with Singapore Airlines, an impeccable flight, from the ground to the air. Particularly on this route, they put their code-share partner SWISS (which also offers daily direct flights between Singapore and Zurich) to a big shame.

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  1. Anonymous09:37

    SQ is by far on the most amazing airlines. I hope you enjoyed their awsosme SilverKris Lounge in SIN.

    1. Anonymous09:46

      I really think it's between SQ and QR for best airline in the world title.

  2. I did enjoy their SilverKris Lounge in SIN. I used it many times indeed and I think its really nice but nothing beats Turkish Airlines lounge at Ataturk Istanbul airport.

    In my opinion, SQ is the best of the best. Followed by Qatar, EVA Air (a very understated airline) and Turkish Airlines

    1. Anonymous21:04

      How do you compare it go EK?

    2. Anonymous21:09

      EK is losing its shine. QR is really much more professional, elegant and have a more sophisticated product.

    3. My opinion regarding the Gulf carriers? EK is way overstated while Etihad is falling apart & cutting down all over the place.

      Will fly again EVA Air Business soon and will post my review in here.

    4. Flew EK Business Bali to Auckland 2 days ago. My 6th trip with EK. Flew couple of times QR, which was total disappointment. Have nothing to do with any of the two, and have big fat experience as air traveller, and in my opinion EK is not overstated and not losing its shine, on the contrary it's much better than QR in both business and economy. Turkish is the one I don't like, and Singapore is, and will continue to be the best among Far East carriers, something what Swissair used to be in Europe some 20-30 years ago

    5. I da, ovoga puta nije pozdrav iz Rijeke nego sa Novog Zelanda

  3. Anonymous18:01

    Singapore Airlines also codeshares on Swiss flight from Zürich to Belgrade. Thank you for the trip report !


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