TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia by Aviolet, Belgrade - Dusseldorf


Just four months before it’s retirement, I flew one of Aviolet’s ageing 737-300s (YU-ANI) between Belgrade and Düsseldorf. Intrigued by the branding and age of the aircraft, I decided to give it a shot! 

Here’s my review.

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  1. Anonymous09:45

    October 2019 I flew on this to TXL. What a vintage overload it was. Imagine a time capsule leaving a 1980s plane thru a 1970s jetway and airport. Now both the plane and the airport are gone for good. B733 seats were incredibly comfy!

  2. Anonymous16:29

    B733 Probably the best aircraft JU ever had! It is a shame that JU management didn't recognize the opportunity to mark the departure of this iconic bird from the fleet and give it a deserved farewell. New era little managers.

    1. Anonymous18:48

      Probably because Mr. Duncan and Mr. Jiri are coming from companies that are existing from 10+ years or does not exist anymore, so they could not imagine what is a heritage, and how to farewell first B733 in Europe and world oldest 733

  3. Anonymous17:30

    For some enthusiasts the 733 maybe was a great aircraft .
    But for the majority of people these much too old birds were nothing more than flying death traps or perhaps flying coffins .
    Aka flying trash cans .
    It is really good to see they are gone now .

    1. Anonymous17:44

      Yes, that's why it is one of the most successful commercial airplanes ever built. But thanks for the insight into your knowledge of aviation.

    2. Anonymous17:58

      The Comet and the 707 were also very successful .
      In your opinion Air Serbia probably should still fly with them ...

    3. Anonymous18:48

      @Admin - anon 17:30 is fear-mongering claiming that the a/c were not airworthy. This thread should be deleted.

    4. Anonymous18:54

      Yes, delete the whole blog !
      Some anonymous says Comet and 707 are not airworthy !
      . . .

    5. Anonymous21:16

      Those 737s were so old that they still had only mechanical instruments for the pilots.

    6. Anonymous23:33

      Because if anything the MAX has taught us it's that the fly-by-wire system is amazing and that you should defo hand the final decision making to a software code.

    7. Anonymous23:58

      Air Serbia doesnt have MAXs ...

    8. Anonymous01:05

      Nobody said it did ...

  4. Anonymous18:45

    Thank you for this trip report. Thank you for remaining us about this great aircraft once more,

  5. Anonymous20:19

    Management only see the fuel they burn. Av geeks and so on like this birds but management not at all. Same goes for noice restrictions and people not in aviation.

    1. Anonymous21:17

      Airline is a business, not a fly-for-fun entity.

  6. Anonymous21:12

    I really enjoyed the video !

    This blog should post more of these .


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