TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Belgrade - Doha


Created by FlyFy79

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Reg: A7-AHD
Flight number: QR232
From: Belgrade (BEG) International Airport
To: Doha (DOH) Hamad International Airport
Flight date: JAN 2020

This flight was taken in January. In the video you can see the flight experience including cabin, seats catering and entertainment. The flight was busy. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Anonymous09:18

    Nice trip report, I especially enjoyed the part where they clap and cheer after take off. :D
    Seems like there was a cheerful crowd on the flight.

    I really like Qatar and I hope they come back soon to Belgrade! They are sorely missed.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      They come back of the 1st of July :)

    2. Anonymous09:29

      Nice, do you know the frequency?

    3. Anonymous09:30

      They were for sure going to a warm and nice place for vacation in Jan :)))

    4. Anonymous09:32

      3 weekly in July, then 4 from August

      There was some info here. SKP and SJJ cancelled until winter unfortunately.

    5. Anonymous09:34

      I think Qatar's success in Belgrade will largely depend on how fast Chinese tourists start returning to Serbia. Hopefully already by September we start seeing more of them.

    6. Anonymous09:40

      I agree. The QR flights also had a surprising number of Indians. Not sure if they were from India or GCC. When I was flying with QR last year DOH-BEG and checking in at Doha the check in guy who was Indian told me how he was going to Belgrade soon and that all his friends have visited because it's visa free.

    7. Anonymous09:44

      They were Indians from India. Since Serbia removed the visa regime their numbers started climbing on their own, they were between 450 and 900 depending on the month. I suppose of them flew on QR and FZ and who knows, maybe on IndiGo-TK combination. Belgrade has been massively renovated in the past 12 months so now it's time to start preparing for a post-corona marketing and tourism strategy.

    8. Anonymous09:49

      Well they did announce China flights 2.0 so let's see what becomes of that.

  2. Anonymous09:25

    Gotta love QR, they connected Europe to the rest of the world throughout the whole crisis. People could go home if their home airport was open.

    At some major airports they operated the only international flight.


  3. Nice report!
    A7-AHD is actually one of QR's "oldest" aircraft almost 10 years old, delivered in Sep 2010 but it still looks great! I personally prefer QR to EK mainly because of the service and transfer in DOH.

    1. Anonymous10:51

      +100 EK has become quite mainstream and their product has gone down compared to some years ago. The best thing they have going for them is the IFE.

  4. So marvelous to fly in Qatar airways,I cannot count how many time flew Qatar airways,I love the food.i love Qatar airways.😍🤩

  5. After corona, if demand grow, they should put their B787-8 on BEG instead of A320

    1. Anonymous18:53

      For over a year they have been using A321 each day so it's possible that eventually they will send B787. They only started regularly using A320 when corona in China started.

    2. Anonymous23:05

      Someone posted their numbers in Belgrade and they seemed to do really well.

    3. Anonymous23:26

      Look at LX, they returned to BEG last week and since then most of their flights were on A321. Qatar could profit from lack of competition like LX is now.

  6. I want to come back in qatar but there is no flights from Karachi to qatar


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