TRIP REPORT: Montenegro Airlines, Podgorica - Belgrade


Route: Podgorica Airport – Nikola Tesla Airport
Trip taken: April 2018
Scheduled Time: 45 minutes

When flying Montenegro Airlines from Podgorica to Belgrade, you would normally expect an Embraer 195 or a Fokker 100. However, this spring brought a surprise at Podgorica Airport. Just two days after it officially arrived to Podgorica, a wet-leased Boeing 737-500 was parked at the gate for flight YM102 to Belgrade.

In order to board the jet that carries the registration 9H-OME, passengers were instructed to walk from the airport building to the plane parked on the tarmac. On a warm and cloudy day in Podgorica, it was a perfect opportunity to take photos of the new, temporary member of Montenegro Airways fleet.

The boarding process was smooth and quick, and everything was on time. The scheduled 45 minutes of flying time between Belgrade and Podgorica was much more than this Boeing actually required.

Montenegro Airlines branding was already on the seats of the wet-leased jet

Safety instructions in the seat pockets had no Montenegro Airlines branding

The flight to Belgrade was smooth and quick, with the usual service of basic drinks offered to passengers. To the great surprise of some passengers, the crew, that consisted of three members, had only one member that could speak the local language. The purser was named Olivier, another crew member was Cathy - and they both offered the service in English. For the frequent flyers from Podgorica to Belgrade, this was an unexpected moment - not being able to make an order in their own language. However, this did not cause any major upset to the service as the whole plane was served on time prior to the end of this short flight to Belgrade.

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  1. Anonymous09:31

    The cabin looks great.

    1. Anonymous09:52

      The livery toom nice that they painted it even for a a short term wet lease.

    2. Anonymous10:05

      The plane actually stayed with Montenegro for the duration of the summer season.

  2. Anonymous15:25

    The most decent, punctual and correct legacy carrier in ex-Yu.
    Excellent report!!!

  3. Anonymous14:54

    fokker 100 je zaista udoban avion


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