TRIP REPORT: Air Canada Rouge, Toronto - Zagreb


This flight was inaugurated on June 3, 2018, I was flying June 24, 2018, less than a month after the first flight.

Overall, the flight was decent, not great. The legroom was VERY tight for such a long flight. The first meal was pretty good, except the salad, but was pretty small. It was almost impossible to sleep due to how little leg room there was.

There were no in-flight entertainment system, which disappointed me, but there was an app, that you could download instead, which did not work well for most people. The other choice was to rent an iPad for $10. The breakfast was REALLY disappointing. It was tiny, I really hope Air Canada Rouge decides to give a slightly bigger meal.

The Boeing 767 is an amazing plane, I love that you never have to climb over more than one person to get to the aisle, but the plane was pretty old.

Overall, I would recommend the airline, if you need to get to a place because they are often the cheapest way to get there without using low cost carriers.

Full impressions in the video below:

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  1. Anonymous12:14

    Thanks for the report.
    Boy, that plane is OLD! I know that AC Rouge is the low-cost division of AC but still, flying a long-haul musuem is not the greatest idea.
    Food is also cheap...pasta and bread.
    The average size of their fleet is 21,5 years!

    Not comparing apples with pears, but Air Serbia long-haul has a much, much superior status.

    1. Anonymous12:26

      AC Rouge has to keep costs low. Markets where yield is greater gets switched to mainline. WAW was launched with Rouge, moved to mainline and now is getting Rouge back.

    2. Anonymous00:12

      "Air Serbia long-haul has much superior status then AC Rouge." Wow, next time I will choose Air Serbia for trip from Zagreb to Toronto.

  2. Anonymous20:07

    I guess this is minimum comments for any trip-report. Talking of minimal so is their service. Minimum seat-pitch, catering etc. Pity Air Canada isn't sending their mainline product to Zagreb but low-cost.


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