TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Skopje - Dar es Salaam via Doha


Submitted by Angel Arnaudov

This is a report for a recent trip from Skopje to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with Qatar Airways via Doha. I stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Doha for my layover. The first leg was on Qatar's Airbus A320 from Skopje to Doha in economy class and the second leg was on Qatar's A319 from Doha to Dar es Salaam in business class.

I hope you will like this Qatar Airways business class trip report. The impressions from the flights are in the video below. Thanks for watching.


  1. Anonymous09:17

    Nice report. QR is without doubt one of my favorite airlines.

    A question regarding the layover. What did you think of the hotel and did you get it as part of their stopover program or you just booked it on your own? Asking because of my upcoming trip. Thanks.

    1. I booked through their one day stopover program. The hotel is excellent, very centrally located if you have some time to wander around Doha. Plenty of excellent restaurants and shopping centers. Travel time in normal circumstances is 15 to 20 minutes. On the way to the hotel my taxi ride took three hours to get me to the hotel because of the celebrations for the win in the Asian cup.

    2. Anonymous13:18

      Thanks. I've been to Doha a few times and the Marriott is definitively in a great location. I wasn't aware QR offered it as an option in the stopover package :) will try it out next time.

    3. I noticed they had two different group of hotels, one for economy tickets and another group for business and higher and silver and higher members.
      I love QA so much that I'm using them whenever is possible on the USA routes as well and flying extra 10 to 12 hours compared to Turkish for example.

    4. Anonymous03:03

      You are flying SKP to USA via DOH instead of via an airport in Europe? Do you work for QR? There is no rational explanation why would anyone do this if the price is the same.

    5. No, I don't work for them :D
      But I don't mind spending 20 hours one way in their business class :)

    6. Anonymous09:05

      @ anon 3.03
      Trust me if you fly with QR you will realise why one would want to fly with them to the US. Even in economy I think they are miles and miles ahead of others. The service is simply excellent.

    7. Anonymous09:07

      @ Anegl 16.53

      Thanks, so that's the catch. Now I realise why I haven't seen it offered. I still have to do another two flights with them to get silver status :)

  2. Anonymous09:31

    Nice report. SKP looks nice and modern, nothing special but good looking.

  3. Anonymous10:33

    Indeed, it is a nice report. Just wonderting why both QR and FZ are reducing their frequencies next winter to SKP.
    QR down to 3 and FZ down to 2. Usually, it is the winter season where people from Europe escape the winter and fly to warmer destinations.
    QR is really one of the best carriers in the world. Hamad Airport is a blast too.

    1. Anonymous18:21

      Perhaps there is no demand?

  4. Anonymous18:09

    Such a good and relaxing vid in so many ways. Gets me in mood to try their A320 next time i fly.

  5. Me and my wife, we are now silver members. QR is the best airline to travel with. And their Bussiness lounge at Doha International Airport is real amazing


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