TRIP REPORT: HOP!, Ljubljana - Paris


Written by Marathon

This flight was taken in late August. There was already a long line at the check-in counters a little over an hour before the flight would close. Afterwards, we went upstairs for the security check, which offered a panoramic view of the check-in area, as well as a nice view of the mountains and part of the car park in front of the terminal. After the security check, you pass through duty free.

Since I have frequent flyer status with Air France, we headed to the lounge. The entrance to the lounge is impossible to miss, opposite the exit of the shopping area. There was a decent choice of food, given the very low number of people at the lounge – ten of us. It emptied out once boarding for the Lufthansa flight was called.

The screen was showing a very short list of flights departing late in the morning. There were no flights after 4 p.m.! Note that CAT506 was a flight from Copenhagen Air taxi - it was not a scheduled flight.

After some time at the lounge, we headed to our gate. The HOP Embraer 190 was waiting at the airbridge. The plane was around half full and boarding procedures were quick and on time.

Shortly after take off, service started which consisted of drinks and a sandwich. We received a carrot - zucchini cumin sandwich and had a cup of coffee. The leather seats are comfortable with decent legroom. There Is a business class section, which consisted of two rows and was separated by curtains. 

The rest of the flight was uneventful, and we landed in Paris on time.

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  1. Anonymous09:34

    Nice trip report. The cabin of this Embrarer looks very coasy and service is OK.

  2. Anonymous10:11

    New terminal looks good.

  3. Anonymous11:35

    The chairs in the lounge are by Niko Kralj, a Slovenian designer active in 1960s and 70s. They were widespread and can still be found across many antique shops across ex Yu. Today, they're apparently seeing a resurgence and back in more limited production - see for the ones in the pictures.


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