TRIP REPORT: Kigali - Skopje via Istanbul


Created by Dragan Gligorievski

The following trip report includes flights by Ethiopian Airlines, from Kigalia to Addis Ababa, and from Addis to Skopje via Istanbul on board Turkish Airlines. All three flights were taken in business class, during the first week of January.

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  1. Anonymous09:25

    Great report. Really enjoyed it. What an exotic route :)

  2. Браво! Многу ми се има бендисано Кигали, и државата (како за африканска) е многу напредна. Туку, имаш опција преку Доха со само едно прекачување. Аеродромот во Адис е катастрофа, таман да го избегниш.

    1. Anonymous19:08

      Haven't you read that Rwanda wants to become the Singapore of Asia? The country went from genocide to maximum prosperity. It is becoming extremely modern and open to the world.
      Even RwandaAir operates a new fleet of A330s! :)

    2. Anonymous00:19

      Skopje - Brisel i Brisel - Kigali.

  3. Anonymous11:09

    Very interesting report. TK catering looks fab as always, even on short flights like IST-SKP.

  4. Anonymous18:20

    Nice report, well done! Recently just a few days ago I transited through the new Istanbul airport so feel like sharing some thoughts. It is huge and overwhelming, flight departure gates are not announced more than 90min prior to departure, scarce sitting area in central hall, transit security area is a ZOO especially in early morning when many flights are landing / departing. Very poor quality of demonstrated building crafstmenship with tiles in WC already falling apart, stalls not closing etc ...
    TK has a very good service but this airport (in my opinion) avoid by all possible means.

    1. Anonymous18:36

      Agree with you. I transited there last May and my experience was the same. It's better than Atarturk in terms of estetics but it's like a "zoo" as you say.

    2. Anonymous19:05

      Who would want to transit an airport where it takes forever to make a transit.
      WAW, VIE, MUC and even bigger FRA are much better options. Compact and hassle-free.
      Those are the true hubs of Europe.
      DOH is also quite good outside Europe but not DXB :(
      Good point, liked your dicussion.


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