TRIP REPORT: Montenegro Airlines, Tivat - Moscow


Until recently, I didn’t know much about this airline, but I booked a mountain tour holiday with an agency to Montenegro which put us onto a Montenegro Airlines flight. We flew from Moscow to Tivat and back.

My short trip report focuses on the Tivat - Moscow leg. The flights in both directions were on time. Tivat Airport is small but enjoyed the fact that we got to walk to the plane and that no busses were needed. We travelled in the off-season - May, so the plane, although small, was half empty. The seats were comfortable and featured a thick in-flight magazine which was in English and Montenegrin.

I can’t comment enough about the beautiful view on departure with the Bay of Kotor in the palm of our hands, but that doesn’t have much to do with the airline itself.

After departure, service began. Unlike most airlines, here you got offered not one but several drinks. For example, I chose an apple juice and coffee. I’m already used to standard sandwiches on planes, so I was pleasantly surprised by being offered at least some food, free of charge. It is true that the pasta turned out to be cold (but hot coffee saved the situation). There were also slices of ham stuffed with pepper and olives, one savoury bun and a sweet muffin. There was no choice of other food items. It was all good.

Bottom line: this is a good company and I will use their services again if travelling to Montenegro.

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  1. Anonymous09:06

    Nice report. It is great to see that MGX still offers a nice free meal. I bet you it cost them peanuts to serve a few pieces of cold pasta and ham but it leaves a good impression on passengers.

    1. Peanuts x (times) 116 passengers
      x 2 legs
      x 3 (round trips per day)
      x 3 (for the entire fleet)
      x 365 (day a year)
      Not peanuts

    2. Anonymous12:37

      Yes, but this industry is about hospitality as well.... not accounting only.

      When you offer a service in a service oriented industry, you try to treat people with dignity and try to be hospitable. So a free meal is one way of saying that you care about your passengers. One simple and in relative terms inexpensive example.

    3. Anonymous13:44

      I really don't think that this meal goes under "hospitality" category :)

    4. Anonymous @12:37
      A agree with you in that a reasonably small expenditure makes a difference in the flying experience of a passenger. With that I do agree.
      However, it certainly costs. I often read very aggressive responses in this forum when people disagree over, pardon the pun, peanut issues. I hope I did not come across as such.
      The point is that it costs to feed passengers and my memory is sufficiently good to recall the times when an "airplane" meal was a byword for a low-quality vomit-inducing meal. It was looked down upon and used as a justification for opting to fly with a no-frills airline. When something is provided for free to people eventually it get underappreciated. It's human nature. And now that it can no longer be taken for granted it's easy to look back and say does it really cost that much to throw in a meal with every flight. So, I get where you're coming from.
      In any case, nice talking to you and let's keep it civil :)

  2. Anonymous09:45

    Montenegro keeps winning.

    1. Anonymous16:46

      I missed that match. Who did Montenegro play against? Lufthansa, Ryanair, Wizzair?

    2. Anonymous05:14

      Aeroflot in this case.

  3. Anonymous11:05

    Montenegro Airlines are the best!

  4. Anonymous10:31

    Dobri su, dobri, nisu losi ali da su pobjednici... Hmmm. U svakom slucaju bolji su od airserbia na liniji bgd-tvt.


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