TRIP REPORT: Atlasglobal, Istanbul - Belgrade


Created by FlyFly79

The following is a trip report from Belgrade to Istanbul (New) Airport taken in April this year with Atlasglobal. The flight was operated with an Airbus A321 (registered TC-AGG). Thank you for watching!

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  1. Anonymous09:12

    Great trip report! Always nice to see a report on an airline that's not very common. I see there were a lot of Serbs on the flight? I always thought it was popular with Turkish tourists.

    1. Tnx for the video. It seems that flight was almost full.

  2. Anonymous09:45

    Good to see they filled A321 in April, Belgrade is showing solid growth but what worries me is capacity of terminal next summer. Even now BEG is becoming extremely gate limited, I think this is why Vinci encouraged airlines to move flights to quiet periods. This is the situation today:

    A1- 06.55 TGD JU A319
    A2- 07.00 FCO JU A319
    A3- 06.55 SVO JU A319
    A4- 06.15 FRA LH A320
    A5- 06.30 MUC LH A319
    A7- 06.30 HRG SM A320
    A8- 06.10 DTM W6 A320
    A9- 06.30 BVA W6 A320

    C1- 07.00 NCE JU A319
    C2- 06.40 CDG JU A320
    C3- 07.40 ZAG JU AT7
    C4- 06.40 AMS JU A319
    C5- 06.35 CPH JU A319
    C6- 07.20 ZRH JU A320
    C7- 07.30 VIE OS Q400

    A4a 06.55 JU VIE AT7
    A4b 07.15 JU STR CRJ

    In the afternoon it's even worse.

    A1- 12.05 DOH QR A321
    A2- 12.40 ZRH JU A319
    A3- 13.10 SVO SU B738
    A4- 14.00 FRA LH A321/ 12.00 EIN W6 A320
    A5- 13.05 MUC LH A319
    A6- 13.20 SKG JU CRJ
    A7- 14.00 DXB FZ B738
    A8- 12.50 FKB W6 A320
    A9- 14.10 WAW LO

    C1- 13.45 TGD JU A319
    C2- 13.20 TIA JU A319
    C3- 13.40 TIV JU A319
    C4- 13.00 TXL EX A319
    C5- 13.20 ATH JU A320
    C6- 12.45 AUH EY A320
    C7- 12.45 OTP JU AT7 / 13.50 SJJ JU AT7

    A4a 13.20 SOF JU AT7
    A4b 13.20 SKP JU AT7

    This is all before summer charters start. When that happens it will be even worse. Vinci needs to expand the terminal really fast.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Well, we were bored here by the 'experts' that the airport Is far from reaching its capacity limits...

    2. Firstly they should use B parking positions more. Currently they have only 3-4 bus gates which seems inefficient when one considers how many additional parking positions can be utilized. I boarded by bus from A4a, A4b, and C7. Sometimes even from the proper gate, down to bus, in the peak period. This can be rearranged.

    3. Anonymous11:51

      They need more bus gates, so that all ATR, Dash... operations goes through bus gates, and than they can use it for charter flights, by merging two bus gates if it is necessary. Current bus gates are A4a and A4b are overcrowded with two full ATR's.

    4. Anonymous13:14

      Why Lufthansa loves so much the gates A4 & A5?

    5. Anonymous13:16

      The person on duty at BEG allocates the gates. It's not up to the airline. For a long time BEG used to give LH gates A8 and A9 until Lufthansa complained since the gates are crap and unrefurbished. And I agree, LH is BEG's third busiest airline.

    6. Anonymous13:18

      Why is gate A10 never used?

    7. Anonymous13:21

      Because it is extremely small. It is used only if all the gates are at absolute full capacity. Last summer they started putting Etihad there when it arrived in the morning and then they would move it later in the morning for the return flight.

    8. Anonymous13:46

      Noise pollution is getting a serious issue. Residents are already suffering from this. Vinci must revise this issue.

    9. Anonymous13:51

      Literally no one is speaking about noise pollution, especially since most houses around the airport were not there when the airport was built in 1961. And anyway, if they land from the West they are not flying over any residential areas... simple.

      As for LH and gates, A4 and A5 have the common lounge. It's probably easier for LH Group station manager to act in a single space than a few separate ones. Maybe when they renovate the rest of the A gates they could expand A10 and make it more usable.

    10. Anonymous13:52

      Residents in Ledine are suffering from not building their houses legally there. There are no houses in Ada while anything east of that part is not affected because planes are too high to be loud on the ground.

    11. Anonymous18:19

      Anyone who built a house in Ledine or Surcin since the 60s has no one else to blame but themselves. No sane person would build a house right under a flight path couple of hundred meters from the runway.
      Couple of years ago before airport was renovated and given for concession there were talks about cancelling any development at Surcin and building a new airport much further away. That option was too expensive so airport will stay where it is for at least a couple of decades. Ledine homeowners should move elsewhere and use that land for warehouses, other industrial purposes or IKEA-like big box shopping facilities.

    12. Indeed. Those most affected are mostly there in houses built iligal. Radio Far settlement is most problematic as it can influence potential expansion.

    13. Anonymous20:28

      There is no planned expansion on the Radiofar side as far as we know. Most disturbing development in the recent months is on the southwest side where illegal parking space has started to appear. That land has been dedicated for the second runway since the sixties and preserved for decades. Any kind of development in that area is absolutely illegal. As seen with other illegal builds, it starts small with a temporary shed, then a small house or car repair shop is built, then the second building or gas station pops up and soon you have whole area taken over.

    14. Anonymous21:39

      The car park you mean the one used by taxis? I am sure that if Vinci needs some more space they will get it.

      By the way do you guys think we might see more LH flights from FRA next summer? Today they sent two A321 and its usually operated by A320.

    15. Anonymous23:09

      If a second runway is going to be built, the noise levels and pollution will increase and this will not be received well from the local residents.

      As for LH, it is more likely that they stick to their current timetable. In January 2020, flights are reduced to only 1 daily flight to FRA (no morning flight) and MUC is down to 2 daily. It is more logic to see EW launch flights from other German cities such as STR and DUS.

    16. Anonymous23:11

      That's not reduced that's the same as last winter.

    17. Anonymous23:49

      No not the one used by taxies. Have you ever seen BEG masterplan in the last 10-20 years? If you did, that parking is where second runway was shown on old masterplans.

    18. Anonymous07:24

      Once again, the whole of Serbia shouldn't suffer because of a few illegally built houses. Also, you are being quite malicious and I suppose you are not even from Serbia since you would know that the Western approach doesn't overfly any residential areas. This same logic applies to the second runway. So please stop spreading fake news on here.

      As for the LH night flight, they don't operate from 05.01 to 25.01. So three weeks in total.

    19. Anonymous14:44

      Slike ilegalnog parkinga i radova na mestu originalne druge piste pored puta ka Surčinu:

  3. Anonymous12:10

    How long is taxi between landing and stand position?

    1. Anonymous12:12

      I flew TK last week. It takes 20 minutes to half an hour to taxi to the gate and/or from the gate to the runway. It's absolutely crazy, not to mention that half of the airport is still under construction in Istanbul and that many of the air bridges installed are still not in use because the parts of the building they are connected to are not finished.

    2. That is crazy! So airport is still not finished?


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