TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Shanghai - Sofia via Doha


Submitted by Angel Arnaudov

On my way back from North Korea to Macedonia I used Qatar Airways and the best business class seat, Qsuite. I was lucky that the seat next to me was vacant and the cabin crew did a double Qsuite for me. It was very enjoyable Qatar Airways business class experience. Their Qsuite product is the best at the moment. Both soft and hard products are top notch. The wifi was very strong for plane standards. I hope you'll like this Qatar Airways Business class trip report in Qsuite.

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  1. Anonymous10:03

    Thanks for another great report. Seat and food look fantastic.

  2. Anonymous12:45

    Cool report, благодаря :-)

  3. Very nice report indeed :) Благодаря!
    QR business class is simply wow and the details....
    The DOH-SOF LF seemed to be a disaster on that day unlike business class.
    20:48 min you can see the Alexander Nevski monument ;)

  4. Anonymous16:51

    Would be nice to have the trip report from North Korea to Shanghai!?

    1. We were not allowed to film anything in the plane but some scenes from the airports in Shanghai and much more from North Korea are available in this video


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