TRIP REPORT: Adria Airways, Zurich - Ljubljana


Written by William

This trip was taken several months ago in economy class on Adria Airways' Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft.

I already checked in for the flight the evening before using the Adria Airways app. At the airport, we were bussed to the aircraft. There was a bit of a hold up once we got to the aircraft, because apparently they were still refueling. But eventually, just as the second bus with passengers arrived behind us, we were finally allowed to board.

I really, really don’t like the CRJ900. It’s such an unpleasant little aircraft. Once you’re actually seated, it’s not that bad. Adria Airways has a pretty decent seat pitch on these aircraft and they also still have these old school seats that have good padding. But the cabin is very tight, narrow and cramped. Of course it also doesn’t help that the flight was quite full, which gives even more of an impression of the cabin being crowded.

I decided to sit on 18A, which meant that I was seated behind the wing and was able to watch the various surfaces of the wing move during the flight. Yeah, okay. So I’m a geek.

The service on the flight was done by two female cabin crew. I thought they were really brilliant. They were very chic. And both of them were friendly and enthusiastic about their job and their interaction with the passengers was polite, relaxed and unrushed.

The captain came on the loudspeaker to welcome us on the flight and informed us that we would have to wait another forty minutes before we would be allowed to start the engines. Something about congested airspace over Austria and thunderstorms in the Zurich area… Before he even finished the announcement, the crew already passed through the cabin offering complimentary cups of water to passengers, which was a nice touch. Eventually, we departed with a delay of 45 minutes. The flight time was announced at fifty minutes.

On Adria Airways water is complimentary in economy class. In addition, there is also a selection of items that can be purchased from the buy on board menu. In the name of scientific research and progress, I decided to order a Coke Zero and a cheese sandwich, which will set you back EUR5- and which is quite decent, I think. What’s more, the sandwich is very tasty! It’s filled with ruccola, nice bread spread and some sort of lovely smoked cheese.

The flight passed quickly. This is my idea of bliss. Sitting on an airplane flying through unsettled weather, with decent food and watching the world go by beneath me.

Eventually we landed with a delay of slightly more than one hour. The approach was very bumpy and quite rough. In the distance I could see dark storm clouds looming on the horizon.

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  1. Anonymous10:48

    Thanks for the report. They should really increase the size of their sandwiches though.

  2. i just had a most awful experience on ryanair flight to cyprus. i wished i took some pictures to describe what was happening.

    1. Anonymous13:37

      You should have flown on JU or A3. ;)

    2. Anonymous10:43

      Safety concerns or quality of service?

  3. Anonymous13:07

    Nice report, JP seems to be a decent airline amid the acid comments of most people here.
    What was the LF?

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Keep in mind that this flight was several months ago.

  4. Anonymous15:32

    Nice report. Humour is what this page needs the most :)

  5. Anonymous17:35

    He has said it all, please read.

    JP is about its professional staff. The girls attended him well, the pilot informed him and he had a safe and nice flight.
    Also, for 5€ the meal is more than okay. Pringles or plastic food on other carriers would probably cost the same.
    I must admit that FR and EI also offer very tasty food.

    Adria is a profesional airline with a long history and others don't like her simply because of the achievements reached.

  6. Anonymous17:59

    CRJ900 is very economical aircraft also the new Sukhoi 100 superjet is bigger and has more roomy cabin space for better passenger comfort.

  7. Anonymous20:09

    PIloti aviokompanije Adria je uradio najpametniji izbor,čekajući da nevreme prođe iznad Aerodrom Zurih a kad je proslo su poljeteli iz Ljubljane.To se zove uspjesan i siguran let.

    1. Anonymous08:08

      Thats called having a CTOT imposed by Eurocontrol NM. Look it up.


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