TRIP REPORT: ANA, Tokyo - Ljubljana


Written by Ozack

This is a trip I took from Narita Airport to Ljubljana on a nonstop ANA charter flight which was organised by Sakai Travel company. The nine day tour included Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. There were around 250 people travelling. My main point of interest was to visit the world heritage site Plitvice Lakes National Park, as well as Dubrovnik but the tour started in Slovenia where I really enjoyed Bled Lake.

We gathered at Narita Airport where all passengers were divided into twelve groups depending on what their tour included. There are various types of groups, including those travelling in business class, those on longer tours, shorter tours etc. I was in the orange group which included a six hour visit to Plitvice Lakes and three nights in Dubrovnik.

We were travelling on a B777 from Tokyo. Upon boarding, the captain informed us that our flight time would be around twelve hours. It is quite a long trip, but much better without having to make connections at other airports. There is a real fun atmosphere on board where, for example, passengers with their birthdays coming up get called out and receive some mini cakes. Quizzes are organised where we get to learn more about Slovenia and those that answer questions correctly get small gifts. The passenger announcements are also very humours.

After takeoff we were first offered a drink. Then the meal service started. We had a choice of Tandoori chicken and the other was a Japanese option. I had the chicken. The taste was so and so. I much preferred the red wine I had along with it.

Slovenian greetings were placed in various places on the plane, like for example the lavatories and galleys.

I watched a few movies and we were already over Russia when the second meal service began. There was no choice here and we were given some vegetables and steamed rice. It was neither good nor bad.

When we landed, we disembarked by the stairs. Passport control was quick and hassle free. Then our groups went their separate ways. My orange group did not stay in Ljubljana. We went straight to Bled. Others had few nights stay in Ljubljana.

The airport building in Ljubljana is very small. As we left the building there were people wearing folk costumes and playing music. There was an orchestra in front of the bus. Our bus then departed for Bled with 27 people. 

Overall, nice experience and I preferred travelling this direct way then having to transfer through airports and worry about my luggage getting lost, as I had the experience when I travelled to Iceland the year before.


  1. Anonymous09:32

    Wow what a great experience you had on board ANA!

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:44

    Thanks for sharing your inflt experience on one of the very important flights to our region

    Glad to see that these flts prove to be succesful since over 10 yeary

  3. Anonymous09:50

    Its time for this flights to become regular!

  4. Anonymous09:54

    Love the report. Thank you!

  5. Anonymous23:00

    Interesting report and photos. Thx!


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