TRIP REPORT: Ryanair, Niš - Bergamo


Written by Aleksa Španjević

Date: 03.08.2019.
Airline: Ryanair
Flight duration: about 1,5h or 2h
Load factor: 90%-95%
Seat: 15F (Priority)

My trip started in Novi Sad from where I took a bus to come to Niš. From Niš station I took bus 34B which took me to Niš Airport. When I entered the terminal building it was empty because the flight departure was 3 hours later. I decided to spend my time at the restaurant on the upper floor. The restaurant is clean and a bit expensive (at least the drinks). Also, the restaurant has a lot of Balkan dishes in the menu so I recommend eating there. It has a beautiful view off the runway and the military portion of the airport. I enjoyed the restaurant but it was time to go to security and passport control. Both of the controls were extremely fast and soon I was at the gate. The gate area has a little duty free area which is more than enough for Niš Airport. Soon it was time to start boarding. After you show your pass to the boarding agent you go to the improvised tunnel that is used as a waiting area between the gate and the airplane. I think it was designed to free up space at the gate area because the space around thee gate is rather small. Furthermore, it is important to note that your Priority pass is worthless. Everyone tries to get to the aircraft as fast as possible and the gate agents do not attempt to make any order.

We got inside the aircraft and we were soon up in the air. The flight was uneventful, except for the beautiful views outside.

Also, I was surprised by the amount of people buying stuff on the flight. I just cannot believe that people are ready to pay an insane amount of money for something they can buy on the ground for a fraction of the price.

The approach was phenomenal. Northern Italy is a really beautiful place to see, especially from the air! View of lake Garda and the mountains is magical.

Anyway, we soon landed in Bergamo. It is a LCC airport so we did not have any jet bridge. They transported us by bus. It was really old and it was a really unpleasent experience having to ride with it.

After passport control, I went to the arrivals area to get myself a ride to Bergamo train station because I was heading to Brescia. I took the bus number 1 and my ride took about 15 minutes. Ticket was 2.4 euros, if I remember correctly.

Date: 17.08.2019.
Airline: Ryanair
Flight duration: about 1,5h or 2h
Load factor: 98%-100%
Seat: 15F (Priority)

After two phenomenal weeks in Italy it was time to go back home. Instead of taking the train as I did the first time, I took the Autostradale bus from Brescia bus station. The bus fare cost 12 euros and it drops you off in front of the departures area.

I was really tired from the previous night, so I decided to go to the VIP lounge in order to get some rest. Lounge costs 24 euros and you can buy your lounge pass on a ticketing machine in front of the lounge.

The lounge is really nice and I really don’t regret spending extra cash to go there. It is not really big but it is perfect for Bergamo Airport’s size. The space is clean and modern and it was a real pleasure being there. There is a food area too with a variety of drinks and beverages. Also, you can take some bakes there as well as some muffins. They put some crisps and cookies there too.

Soon it was time to go to security control. My lounge pass included fast track access too and I was really happy that I did not need to wait in endless lines. After completing security checks I headed to the duty free area. The airport is like a big shopping mall and there are a bunch of shops and restaurants so passengers can easily find whatever they need at the airport.

There are actually two VIP lounges at the airport. The first one is the one I described and is located prior to security control. The other one is positioned after security and you also get access to it. That lounge is larger, and the food choices are better.

One of staff escorted me to the gate area through a special door and I was soon at my gate thanks to her. Passing through that door saves you 10 minutes because otherwise you would have to pass through the duty free area which is huge and takes a lot of time to go through. Unlike Niš, Bergamo has special tracks for Priority passengers. After they check your ticket you get in some old bus without air conditioning, which is not pleasant experience especially when it’s 34° Celsius.

We took off on time and I was able to see beautiful Bergamo castle again. My wish is to visit it next time I go to Italy because it is one unknown place which tourists don’t visit at all.

The flight was really boring and uneventful but I was lucky enough that the seat next to me was empty so I had space to stretch and sleep. The flight was smooth and soon it was time to land. Landing was gentle and soft so people applauded when we touched down. As soon as the landing gear touched the airstrip, people started getting up and they were taking their luggage from the overhead bins. Such stupid and ridiculous behavior from those passengers.

Anyway, I was soon on the ground ready to catch a bus to the city center and go home. I was generally satisfied with my trip and I was happy that I finally had a chance to use Niš airport and see how things are going now that the government manages the airport.

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  1. Anonymous09:13

    Nice trip report! So they re-opened the restaurant? If I remember correctly it was closed at some point?

    It's impressive how much connectivity with Italy has improved over the year. A decade ago we had 6 flights on JU to FCO and 5 to MXP plus Alitalia with 5 to Rome.


    BEG-FCO 7x
    BEG-MXP 7x
    BEG-VCE 4x
    INI-BLQ 2x
    INI-FCO 2x

    BEG-FCO 7x

    INI-BGY 2x

    In total 31 weekly flights.

    1. Anonymous20:21

      Prior to Etihad saga with JU, we used to have four daily flights to Rome in summer season. It was scaled down due to Etihad - Alitalia deal and decision by the European Commission that a duopoly should reduce frequencies to free slots for competition. That competitor never came yet we have less connectivity through Rome than we used to few years back.

  2. Bergamo bus is 3€. Don't need to remember, just keep the ticket, which you can pay with cash or paypass card.

  3. Anonymous18:27

    This comment is great: I was surprised by the amount of people buying stuff on the flight. I just cannot believe that people are ready to pay an insane amount of money for something they can buy on the ground for a fraction of the price.

    Exactly, many won't pay 5-6 EUR for prepared sandwich at the airport but have no problems paying for it in the air! You also paid 24 EUR for the lounge but it's not likely you ate and drank more than 24 EUR worth of it. Some people are also willing to pay money for priority line. That explains why more airlines like Air Serbia introduce separate paid services.

    1. Anonymous18:46

      I think it has also to do with people being bored on an uneventful flight. By buying something it helps them pass the time.

    2. Anonymous19:44

      Some airlines use that boredom on long haul flights. They include free tier IFE with only couple of crappy movies and offer additional selection with many premium first-run movies for a small fee.

    3. Why not? I am bought many perfumes on board. There is a cheaper than on the street. Also sandwiches, on flight of 2-3h, why not to eat hot lasagnas? Better than cold ham sandwich prepared before departure, or in the terminal. Last time in Stuttgart, coffee was a 3€, that is not expensive? Yes, it is! If I can spend 50€ for weekend night life, why I can't spend 10€ on board?

    4. Aleksa20:22

      I bought my lounge pass not because of food but because I was super tired and I wanted to relax somewhere nice while waiting for the flight. I usually dont go to lounges but this was an exception.
      Also for the priority pass, I bought it just because it allowed me to take extra baggage with me, nothing else.

    5. Nice report Aleksa.
      Exactly, why wouldn't people spend on-board?
      I always buy something on Ryanair flights even though I fly rarely with them. I find their catering options great value for money.
      Lounges are also usually good value for money, especially if the food offer is decent, as Aleksa noted. 24 EUR is great price.

    6. Anonymous11:33

      Recently I ordered an ancillary sandwich on JU flight BEG to ARN for a simple reason that it costs much less than it would cost me at the destination (the city, not the airport).

    7. Aleksa13:19

      My comment wasn't referring to food on board the aircraft but the perfumes and stuff like that which is SUPER expensive

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Anonymous06:48

    I am so happy for you guys, big time onboard spenders! I really like unbundled services.

    When Air Serbia introduced BoB last year everyone was complaining and vowing to 'never ever' step onboard Air Serbia plane unless they reinstate free cheese sandwiches in triangle packaging!

    Less than two years later, look at the sea change in attitude: now everyone loves splurging on lounges, inflight lasagnas, priority passes and duty free! Good for you guys, I am really proud of you!

  5. The best thing onboar with RYR is whiskey Jameson - 1L for 14 eur - you cannot find anywhere offer like this :)))


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