TRIP REPORT: Montenegro Airlines, Moscow - Tivat


Written by Maria

I booked our flight from Moscow to Tivat on Montenegro Airlines for our holiday and I wasn't sure what to expect since I have never flown with them, but they had the best schedule and price that suited us. I can say that I was positively surprised. The flight was uneventful but service was generally very good.

The check-in and boarding process in Moscow was smooth. We checked-in our baggage without any delay and our flight was on time.

We had an Embraer plane which seemed to be in good shape as cabin looked relatively new. Cabin crew was nice and friendly. They even spoke a few words in Russian. Seats were standard economy in the entire cabin and it was full.

Around an hour after take off we were served a meal, as well as drinks. It tasted nice, although the rice was ice cold. You could have more than one drink and they offered refills, although drinks are served after the meal service. One of the passengers constantly went up to the galley to get more drinks for him and his family. In the end, they gave him a half empty large bottle of Coca-Cola so that he wouldn't have to get out of his seat each time.

It was nice that everything was free, or should I say included in the ticket, and the crew didn't try to sell us anything.

There is no entertainment on board but I did enjoy the in-flight magazine which is quite large. There were nice views as we were landing.

As I said, the flight was rather uneventful so there is nothing more I could add. Now that I have had a chance to fly with them, I wouldn't mind doing so again.

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  1. Anonymous09:32

    Great trip report! I flew with YM recently and I am very satisfied too. They are generous with everything. My luggage was well above the weight limit but they checked it in for free and just mentioned it but didn't make an issue. I also love how they give free refils to passengers and the meals look quite good considering they are free. They are a true legacy airline.

  2. Now that's a hefty looking meal. Quite decent if you compare it to other European routes.
    Reviews are not too bad on TripAdvisor:

    Hvala Maria :) Nice report. ME's greenry looks stunning from the window...

  3. Anonymous13:01

    ridiculous meal content

  4. Anonymous13:36

    Parizer salata.

    1. Anonymous17:11

      parizer sa povrćem :)

  5. Anonymous16:20

    Food on trays :) rarety on intra European flights anymore.

  6. Thanks for the report. Montenegro always had a good service. I enjoy flying with them. Could you tell us when you took the flight and what was the price?

  7. Anonymous02:55

    These are preferred airlines:
    - Asia: Singapore Airlines (and, as a good alternative, Garuda Indonesia, ANA, Thai Airways), low cost - Air Asia
    - Europe: Turkish Airlines
    - ex-Yu : Montenegro Airlines, whenever possible


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