TRIP REPORT: Swiss, Zurich - Zagreb


Written by Ivan H

Date: 19.07.2019
Time: 6:20 AM
Flight: LX2562
Aircraft: Bombardier CS300 (Airbus A220-300) HB-JCA (Fete des Vignerons 2019 livery)
Operator: Swiss

I had my flight in the early morning on a Friday when people in Switzerland are taking their summer holidays. The airport was full of people. Luckily, I travelled only with hand luggage, so I didn’t waste my time by waiting on the check-in desks (more time to sleep).

All flights with boarder control are located on Gate D or Gate E. As you can see on the screen, there were 4 flights to Pristina before 7 AM. For that reason, there were a lot of Albanian people at the airport at the time.

Boarding was done by bus. I was the first person to enter the plane, so I had the chance to make some photos without ant passengers. We had a delay of 15 minutes due to holiday traffic.

The flight was not full. LF around 85-90%. When purchasing my ticket, I thought I would be flying on the CS100 (A220-100). So I think, they changed the aircraft. Swiss still use the old name CS100/CS300 instead of A220-100/A220-300 but I can’t tell you why.

Flight duration was around 1h. It was a quiet flight. The new aircraft is absolutely fantastic. For this short trip, I got a croissant and something to drink. When you fly in the afternoon you get a sandwich instead of the croissant. Also you get a Swiss chocolate on every flight.

Every seat row has its own mini screen. It seems very small but you can see everything without a problem. And the screen is good quality too.

When I landed in Zagreb, there were not a lot of people. Boarder control was fast and then I walked to the rent-a-car parking lot.

It’s a pity that Swiss do not fly year round to Zagreb. I paid CHF 180.00 (€ 160.00) for the flight and back to Zurich. Extra 23kg luggage cost CHF 30.00 (€ 27.00) for one way. I prefer to fly with Swiss than with Croatia Airlines because I do not like the Dash. It's very loud, you do not have enough space and Croatia Airlines is too expensive from Zurich. You can fly from Zurich to a lot of destinations for much less money, than to Zagreb and that’s very sad.

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  1. Anonymous09:05

    Nice report, thank you. I love Swiss, they are such a nice airline to fly on. Their crew is also nicer than LH and OS.

    How much is OS usually to ZRH? Shame they can't send the A319 in summer. I always thought there would be enough demand. Lot's of Croats there.

    1. Anonymous11:10

      Main problem with Swiss flying to Zagreb is very bad timing of the flight. Morning flight at 06:20h restricts the potential passengers to the ones living in Zürich and surrounding area. People from other parts of Switzerland have troubles to make this flight. I know a lot of Croats that would be happy to fly with Swiss but they live in other parts of Switzerland and because of this problem they are willing to pay more to fly with Croatia Airlines or even LH or OS but with more "normal" departure times.

    2. Anonymous11:21

      Which means LX is not after locals but transfer passengers. Local are carried by OU which has a convenient schedule and competitive prices.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:36

    U are right, LX should be yearround and daily to ZAG as well as to LJU. That LH group is not in LJU is a mistake, they leave all to JP to connect their hubs and lose more and more ground to the others incl AF which started to fly 2 x a day and soon will hve 13 x weekly flts in LJU.

    Thanks for the report

    1. Anonymous10:34

      LX has a massive hub in Zurich and if there was demand for year-round flights to both LJU and ZAG then I am sure they would have them especially if they fly to INI which is tiny in comparison. LX probably gets more money from JP and OU the same way LH rips them off for flights to MUC and FRA.

  3. Nice report, hvala Ivan :)
    LX has a stunning livery, it's like their small tradition. Reminds me of their previous ZRH-SFO A340 "hippie" livery:

    I find the A220 quite neat and modern. What do you think about the noise level compared to other models?
    187€ with the luggage included is not a bad price at all, especially in July. You got a bargain :D

    1. Hi,
      The noise level is very low. I was flying with this plane already and I forgot my headphones and I was suprised because I heard like zero noise. The A319/A320/A321 of Swiss are also quite but not on the same level as the A220. But this plane is brand new, so it is logical.

  4. Anonymous18:01

    Thanks for the report and photos. Car rental companies are working out of shipping containers at a brand new airport terminal? LOL that's funny.

  5. Bombardier has quite a large presence in Switzerland and the C-Series is our baby. Swiss was the launch customer. We are all very proud of this plane.


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