TRIP REPORT: Air Montenegro, Podgorica - Belgrade inaugural


Last week marked an important event for the Balkans aviation industry, as Montenegro's newest national carrier took off to the skies for the first time!

Here’s my review.

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  1. Normally I prefer reading to wathing, but this video report was really nice. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Anonymous13:04

    "Nice break from Canada "...hahaha
    I hear ya man, the rules over there are beyond nonsense... I wish Canadians can see that life does exist outside of their borders.

    Enjoy your time man!

    1. Anonymous18:44

      Nice trip report. What was the service like in economy, just hot/cold beverages?

  3. Anonymous19:04

    Pierre, thank you, nice report. Loved Western Gate Belgrade picture as the lock screen on your phone. Make sure you reserve some time for inaugural BEG-YYZ flight report next year!

  4. That was a great report. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I feel like everything about Air Montenegro is kind of bland. No livery, the airplane interior looks kind of boring, the snack is average. There is nothing really that tells me this airline represents Montenegro. Maybe that's because they were rushing to start their operations as soon as possible and didn't have time yet to think about all of the details.

    Also, it's great to see the video footage of the airplane museum in BEG. I have heard so many people talking about it on this blog but never really saw any videos until now. I really hope the BEG airport operator does something about. From what I can see in your video, it looks more like an airplane junkyard. The sidewalks crumbling, grass and weed overgrowing rusty airplanes...This is not appealing at all and not how a museum should look like. It would be much better to build huge hangars and put those airplanes indoors to prevent them from decaying even more.

    1. Anonymous21:19

      I agree with you on all counts.

      As far as the comments about the museum, I want to add that the junk yard contains some real gems and classics but they are all in poor shape unfortunately. Maybe someone will come along and return the real shine and glory of the museum like it once had!


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