TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Belgrade - Doha


Last weekend I flew from Belgrade to Doha with Qatar Airways. Since I had a bit of unused OneWorld air miles, I purchased a business class ticket entirely from miles plus a thirty euro payment. I arrived at Belgrade Airport two hours before departure and check-in was in full swing at Terminal 1, which seems to be where many airlines have relocated their check-in procedures due to construction work at T2. It took some time to get checked in with agents having to go through all the documents although the station manager was going up to passengers to check if they had all of the paperwork to make the process run more smoothly. With travel restrictions easing, there did not seem to be many passengers from India who used these flights a lot during the summer.

The airport is currently one huge construction site and there is work going on everywhere you turn.

I headed to the Air Serbia lounge, which is now used by Qatar Airways. The airport wasn’t very busy and neither was the lounge but more and more people arrived as time passed by.

Qatar Airways starts its boarding procedures very early and around 50 minutes prior to take off, we were called to board the flight. An A320 was operating this flight, with an A321 scheduled for the following day. Unfortunately, this A320 has the old cabins but since there were only two passengers in business class it wasn’t an issue. Economy class seemed to be full, but I don’t know the exact load.

The new floor at Belgrade Airport as seen from the air bridge

Upon getting seated, the crew introduced themselves personally to each passenger in the cabin. There was a Filipino purser and a Macedonian cabin crew member working in business class that afternoon, and the Macedonian crew spoke in Serbian which was a nice touch. There were blankets, pillows, bottle of water, menus, hygiene pack, headphones and a small amenity kit at the seat. Meal orders were taken before departure and the meal itself could be served at any time. The crew asked details such as which sort of condiments you want, type of olive oil and so on. Also, a pre-departure drink of choice was offered and I decided for their signature lime and mint juice, which is tasty (and very sweet).

It was a miserable rainy cold day in Belgrade, so it was impossible to take to many photos as we taxied and departed although I did catch a bit of the new runway beneath us as we took off.

After takeoff some warm nuts and deinks were served. The meal was next up. Service is slowly getting back to pre-covid levels and the meals did not come packed in plastic anymore. Also, the crew no longer wore a protective gown or gloves. The meal was tasty.

The seat, although an old generation recliner, was comfortable. The PTV screen is in the armrest and there is also power socket in the seat. Granted it would probably be less comfortable if the cabin were full and the passenger in front of you reclined their seat.

Crew was very attentive, polite and did a good job. The entertainment system is also good with lots of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and music.

Erbil, Iraq

Prior to departure some chocolates were served. We arrived in Doha around 40 minutes ahead of schedule. As is usually the case with Qatar Airways’ narrow bodies in Doha, we parked at a remote stand. As soon as we landed, the crew closed the curtain between the two cabins, so business passengers could get off first. A bus was waiting next to the plane and the whole process took just a few minutes.

Overall, it was a nice flight with Qatar Airways. Doha Airport seemed deserted at the time of arrival but within around two hours it got extremely busy ahead of the airline’s wave of departures past midnight.

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  1. Vlad09:44

    Very nice trip report. Pity that QR is so inconsistent with the hard product in BEG - their A321s have the old J seats only, and the A320s are a mix of both, so it's impossible to know for sure which ones you get until a few days in advance. That said, the QR service is second to none, one of my best J experiences even though it's not even proper long-haul.

  2. Anonymous11:13

    Best airline.

  3. Anonymous09:16

    Such a detailed and comprehensive report. Thank you!


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