TRIP REPORT: Croatia Airlines, Zagreb - Dubrovnik


This was a short domestic flight between Zagreb and Dubrovnik, booked in business class considering how cheap the ticket was. In accordance to the flight time, I will keep the review relatively short as well.

Zagreb Airport wasn’t very crowded when I got there and our gate was located on the ground floor, meaning we would be bussed to the plane. Although originally scheduled to be operated by an A320, the equipment was downgraded to a Dash 8. Considering that there weren’t more than thirty of us, I wasn’t surprised.

The business and economy class section were separated by a small curtain partition on each side although there is no curtain in the aisle. The business cabin was empty.

The seat itself is rather worn. The seat pocket looks even more at the end of its life than the seat, but the pitch is decent.

Before take-off, I was offered a bottle of water by the crew and shortly after we pushed back as I bid farewell to the (pretty) Zagreb airport terminal.

After departure I’m quickly asked if I’d like something to drink, and then the service arrives, in a box. Considering the price, I’m not complaining but you get a similar box on international flights too. It’s a shame considering they once had nice catering in business class. The box consisted of crackers, cheese, and olives… Let’s say that the service has the merit of existing.

Regarding the crew, they were smiling and offered fast service. I was offered a refill several times

Following the short flight and arrival in Dubrovnik, we disembark on foot without being at the gate.

Overall, it was more than average service, and I was happy considering the fare, but I do hope they improve the business class experience on international and longer flights.

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  1. Anonymous09:24

    Thanks for the nice report. But the content of the cheese box look pitiful.

  2. Thank you for your report. Have you visited a business lounge in Zagreb?

  3. Anonymous10:30

    "Meal" is not worthy business class ticket, even the empty seat next to. It has to be dirty cheap to upgrade ticket just for water refil. How bad it would be LF once when A220 take over the route...

    1. Anonymous10:34

      OU does not actually block the seat next to you on the Q400. It was just that there were no other passengers.

  4. Anonymous12:33

    Bombardier DHC-8-400
    9A-CQB („Lika“)
    (First Flight: July 2008)

With the best regards


  5. Anonymous12:38

    What did u actually pay?

  6. Anonymous17:49

    How long was the actually trip? Less than an hour?

    1. Anonymous17:51

      Scheduled as 1 hour. If it's an Airbus it takes 40 minutes.

  7. Anonymous05:32

    When did you take this flight?


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