TRIP REPORT: Croatia Airlines, Zagreb - Munich


Submitted by FlyAlex

Departure from Zagreb Airport was a breeze: the terminal has just been opened last year an is very modern and in my opinion currently oversized. It was very deserted this Monday evening and when I arrived at the central security check area I was the ONLY passenger there. On the way to my bus boarding gate on the lower floor I took some pictures of the terminal interior and some Croatia Airlines Airbuses waiting for their departures.

Boarding started perfectly on time and a bus brought us to the Croatia Airlines turboprop that would bring me to Munich this evening.

The flight ended up quite full and I had a window seat in the last row of the plane. The cabin was very modern and the seats quite comfortable. The cabin definitely had Croatian branding. Soon a manual safety demonstration followed and we departed for our flight of ca. 1 hour.

Once cruising altitude was reached the two rather friendly cabin crew members started the in-flight service which was completely free of charge which is great and getting more and more rare those days unfortunately. I had a Croatian beer and with it their came some great tasting Croatian olive crackers. I loved the quadratic design of the plastic cups.

Soon the flight ended and we started approach into Munich.

This was a very nice short turboprop hop with free in-flight service even in Economy Class. Keep up doing that great way Croatia Airlines!

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  1. Anonymous10:07

    Thanks for the report, buddy.

    The checkers on the seats look rather schizophrenic :S

    1. Anonymous12:40

      I must agree with you.

    2. Anonymous13:09

      I couldn't love it more.

      And after all it is CROATIA Airlines so I don't see an issue to display the world renowned symbol of Croatia.

    3. Anonymous14:11

      I don't see an issue with displaying it, either. But it's just not done tastefully. It's visually too aggressive.

    4. Anonymous14:15

      Btw I saw the same symbol on multiple ground handling vehicles at FCO this summer. Are you sure this symbol is claimed by Croatia only?

    5. Anonymous14:36

      They should have stylized it in a much nicer manner, it's too much like this.

    6. Anonymous18:57

      To answer your question, yes, it is the national symbol of the country of Croatia. To my knowledge no other country has this as their national symbol. Quote: ""Croatian checkerboard or chequy (Croatian: šahovnica) is the national symbol of Croatia and Croats, it covers the main shield of Croatian coat of arms above which is the crown with five smaller shields. Squares are always arranged correctly and they are red and white. It is considered to be one of the oldest national symbols in Europe."

    7. Dwight20:32

      Isn't there single thing that doesn't have that checkerboard on it? Tail, seats, beer etc. Union Jack is also only used by Britain and much more recognizable flag, yet you don't see BA putting it everywhere they can hahah.

    8. Anonymous01:08

      But on the other hand the Swiss put their cross everywhere and no one is complaining.

    9. Anonymous07:54

      No one complains about the Swiss because they do it with taste. This with OU is just tacky, reminds me of kafana table cloths.

    10. Anonymous09:19

      It reminds you on a kafana table cloth because your thoughts are negative. I am proud of our symbol, it looks good and it is our recognition value.

    11. Anonymous09:32

      Those who have a bad attitude about Croatia will also comment badly about anything Croatian. No surprise there. I really like the chequy- it looks awesome and really is a stand alone mark.

    12. Bez brige, kockice su univerzalno znakovlje koje je bez ikakve pogreske povezano s Hrvatskom svuda u svijetu

      I da, itekako je prepoznatljiva

  2. Anonymous15:31

    Those checkers are not their usual ones. Those are introduced after Croatia became world football vicechampion.


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