TRIP REPORT: Turkish, Thessaloniki - Malaga via Istanbul


Submitted by Angel Arnaudov

Turkish Airlines economy flight from Thessaloniki Airport in Greece to Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport in Spain. Transfer through Istanbul’s new airport, major worldwide aviation hub and home of Turkish Airlines. Both flights were operated with Boeing 737 aircraft although the one to Malaga had much better entertainment options. No wifi on both flights. Once again, Turkish Airlines proved that they have the best economy class in Europe. Excellent service, excellent food. On the return flight, I was able to upgrade with miles and fly business to Skopje and experience the new Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul.

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  1. Interesting itinerary! I love both Malága and Granada. Visited Malága twice actually.
    TK product looking quite good.
    Wasn't it more convenient for you to fly from SKP, instead?
    There is a non-stop flight from SOF to AGP, too or you hate LCC? :D
    How was the IST-AGP LF?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Originally I had my trip starting in SKP but because of the 737 max issues the morning flight was canceled and they set our departure to the evening flight. I asked for SKG departure and I returned to SKP.
      I checked the option from SOF with W6 as well but the price difference didn't justify 8 hours extra driving in both ways. Living in Gevgelija both SKP and SKG are an hour drive.
      LF of the IST-AGP was 100% and they fly twice a day. I loved Andalucia region and would love to go there again.

    2. Thanks for the info. Seems that the airlines will have serious issues with the Max cancelling so many flights such as UA, DY, etc.
      Quite strategic place to live. You have various options to fly from/to!
      SKG is quite seasonal but still has year-round OS, QR, LH/EW, etc.
      If you ever return to Andalucía, you must visit Sevilla, Jerez or to try the tapas of Cádiz.
      The other part of Andalucía is Níjar (Cabo de Gata). It has very nice desertic beaches.
      Another option is, you can fly SKP-BCN with W6 and then find domestic deals with FR, VY and even the AVE - High Speed Train connecting Barcelona to Sevilla for instance.

      TK have a big coverage in Spain. They are connected to MAD, BCN, VLC, AGP & BIO.
      I still think they can launch ALC, PMI and SCQ.

    3. Thanks Lima Zulu -
      I actually visited Malaga, Granada, Sevilla and Marbella.
      There is still plenty of places to visit in Andalucia, including Jerez, Cadiz and the region west of Malaga.
      Eventually I would like to visit all regions of Spain, so far I've been to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and now parts of Andalucia. Especially, next on the list is Bilbao and the Northern part of Spain.

  2. Anonymous12:51

    Help me understand which of these cities is ex-Yu?

    1. It's a trip report submitted by a reader and gives an opportunity for others to see what airlines around the world offer in terms of hard and soft product.

    2. Anonymous13:27

      @12.51 can you stop posting the same comment over and over again?? The majority of us like aviation here so want to read about all airlines and Turkish has one of the biggest ex-Yu networks for that matter. If you are bitter, board or annoyed read another report. There are like a zillion of them.

    3. Anonymous10:49

      the poster is exyu, he landed in exyu on his retutn flight

  3. Anonymous18:21

    40 minutes taxi, wtf?!!


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