TRIP REPORT: Singapore Airlines, Dubai - Singapore


Submitted by Filippo Bertoni

This trip report covers a recent flight which I took from Dubai to Singapore in business class with Singapore Airlines (SQ). Flight was operated by a 777-300ER aircraft with quite a light load in business class. Flight departed with a slight delay due to traffic congestion at Dubai Airport but landed at Changi perfectly on-time.

Being based in Singapore, I frequently use Singapore Airlines and they are one of my favourite airlines out there. Their service is always consistent, friendly and close to perfection. Business class seat is wide and offers plenty of privacy and storage options. Food is good but, in my opinion, it is where SQ shines the least.

Singapore Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Dubai Airport, which is rather old and sub-standard. The much newer Terminal 3 is basically reserved for Emirates. As a Star Alliance Gold member, I decided to use the recently renovated Lufthansa Senator Lounge which was empty. The lounge is clean and modern, with good shower facilities. Food selection was good but nothing to write home about.

Singapore Airlines has a 1-2-1 seat configuration in business class on their 777-300ERs, A380s, A350s and 787s, which means that all seats have direct aisle access. The seat is wide, spacious and offers a lot of privacy. Diamond-stitched and handcrafted from Scottish leather, it comes with multiple storage compartments and lighting options. Space for feet is not the best (you may have to somehow squeeze them when in sleeping position) but I was lucky enough to get a seat in the very first business class row on this flight. This row offers much more space and comfort both for feet and legs. The 28-inch seat transforms into 78-inch fully-flat bed with multiple seat arrangement options. As per the two seats located on the two central rows, there is a privacy divider which can be easily deployed for greater privacy.

As soon as I boarded the plane, slippers, socks, sleeping mask, pillows and duvet were already on the seat. A glass of champagne (SQ serves Charles Heidsieck in business class) along with Perrier sparkling water were also served as a welcome drink. Pillows, duvet and linen are of very high quality. Interestingly, Singapore Airlines does not offer any amenity kit to its business class passengers as toothbrush and other amenities are available in the toilets - these include mouthwash and hand lotion, facial mist & Eau de Toilette by Miller Harris. 

Dinner & breakfast menu was also placed on the seat itself. For its business & first class passengers, Singapore Airlines offers the book the cook service which allows you to reserve your main course up to 24 hours before you fly (this can be easily done on the SQ App). Such a service includes creations by notable chefs. For this flight, I pre-booked the beef steak with potato mash and seasonal vegetables, which was incredibly well-cooked and tender.



Singapore Airlines IFE (KrisWorkd inflight entertainment) is very responsive and comes with a 18-inch HD enabled personal LCD screen with noise-cancelling headphones and a video touchscreen handset (console). There is a quite impressive selection of around 1000 entertainment options (movies, television programmes, music, games and apps). WiFi was also available on this flight. Regarding this, SQ has recently changed their policy and business class passengers are now allowed 30MB of complimentary connectivity.

In conclusion, Singapore Airlines remain one of the world's leading airlines and one of my favorites. Their service and attention to details is where they shine the most. On the other side, in my opinion, they should enhance their dining experience.

Hope you enjoy this trip report!

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  1. Anonymous09:55

    Nice photos. SQ has a great product.

  2. Anonymous10:46

    Surprising that they don't give out amenity kits in business.

  3. Anonymous11:41

    Nice to see business class trip report. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous11:58

    Food looks absolutely delicious.

  5. Milan18:11

    Sexy legs :)

    1. Anonymous17:41

      Yeah, I'm sure Ex-Yu would agree.

  6. Anonymous16:47

    It is an honour and lots of free advertising for Ex-Yu to receive this sort of report.


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