TRIP REPORT: Croatia Airlines, Munich - Split


Written by FlyAlex

Flight: OU4439
Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
Class: Economy
Seat: 15F

Welcome to this short report of a recent flight to Split.

Boarding at Munich started on time via bus on a remote position.

Our turboprop for the short flight to Split looked very nice in the morning sun:

Cabin was fitted with blue leather seats which were quite comfortable however already a bit on the worn side. I had a window seat in row 15 from which the views were somewhat limited because of the huge engine and gear stowage in front of my window.

Cabin crew on this short 1 hour 20 minutes flight was very friendly.

We took off in direction towards east and then turned to cross the Alps and head for the Adriatic coast.

Service consisted of free choice of drinks accompanied by a small local Croatian snack of cookies. I opted for tea and some water. The service was totally fine for such a short flight.

We had some great views of the Croatian coast before touching down on time at small Split Airport.


Cabin: 7/10
Cabin Crew: 9/10
Meal/Catering: 8/10

Overall, Croatia Airlines offered a very good economy class experience on this short flight with a very friendly cabin crew.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Anonymous10:16

    Good catering for a short flight.

  2. Anonymous10:25

    OU does look good. Thanks for the report.

  3. Anonymous10:33

    How was the load? Was the flight full?

  4. Anonymous10:38

    This is all year round flight?

  5. Anonymous12:09

    Much better that Air Serbia, I have to say... JU is a rip off..

  6. Thank you for the report. For such a short flight the service seems respectable.

    I flew Air Serbia Zurich - Athens via BEG a few weeks ago. Should have made a trip report on that. Never again. The service and the level of hospitality is literally Wizz Air level and the fact you have to queue at the check in line at Athens International, because JU doesn't offer online check-in is just pathetic

    1. Anonymous13:09

      You probably went for the cheapest option out there so why are you complaining? Pay more the next time and fly on fancy OU.

    2. Anonymous14:33

      No respectable airline in Europe does not offer online check in.
      it is almost 2019 people, restricting electronic check in to just passengers who paid very expensive ticket classes is just... retarded!

      ljupco weren't any direct flights available at a reasonable price between ZRH and ATH?

    3. Anonymous14:37

      It is not possible to check in online from some airports on Croatia Airlines and Adria either.

    4. Dejan14:49

      It is not possible to check in online from some small, municipal airports in every country in Europe.
      But from major airports like ZRH and ATH where every airline CAN utilize online check in it is unacceptable.
      Especially when said airline(JU) allows you to check in online if you have purchased an expensive ticket.
      Come on, the red, blue and white fares have been a joke.

    5. Anonymous15:21

      Blocks. FYI: You can't check in online on Croatia Airlines flight Athens-Dubrovnik-Zagreb.

    6. Last time I flew from Zurich to ZAG, only option for check in was online, by machine
      I always wondered why OU doesn't put bigger equipment than Dash, because plane is always fully packed. Never mind...

    7. @Anon 14:33 There were actually. Aegean was offering a direct flight for around the same price I paid with JU (circa 150 chf). The reason I chose them is because I was genuinely interested if their product has improved. That and a free stop over in Belgrade of around one full day

    8. Anonymous15:53

      Availability of online check-in with Serbia depends of departure airport not from purchased fare. It never did.
      List is easy visible at their web, Athens for example is not listed as far as I can see.
      On other hand, list is limited, dont know why.

    9. Anonymous07:00

      And anyway, check-in is available for free, they no longer charge for it. Also why does every topic turn into bashing JU/BEG?

    10. Anonymous09:00

      Officially, check-in at counter is still subject of charge for Economy light (ex. White) when traveling from Belgrade. For other airports there is no charge. Plus there are some additional categories of passengers which are not subhect of charge.


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