TRIP REPORT: Qatar Airways, Belgrade - Doha on the A350


I was on flight QR232 from Belgrade to Doha last week. Due to the World Cup, the airline has been using wide-body aircraft on the route and I was happy to be on the A350-900. When I booked the ticket around 3 weeks prior to the flight, the airline had the A350-1000 scheduled for this date, which included their renowned Qsuite seats in business class. However, two days after booking, I received an email from the airline that the flight would no longer feature the Qsuites. This was because the equipment had changed to the A350-900. As per Qatar Airways policy, you can change your flight if there is a downgrade from the Qsuites. It didn’t really bother me that much and my connecting flight also had the Qsuites anyway.

E-mail from Qatar Airways

I arrived for check-in fairly early as I was unsure of what the traffic would be like around the morning rush hour. Eight check-in desks were being used for this flight (I think that must be a record for a foreign airline at Belgrade Airport), including a dedicated check-in for World Cup fans. The process was quick, and I received a lounge invite with my boarding pass. Since Qatar Airways rescheduled its flights for the duration of the World Cup, the time of departure was at 9.00AM. The Air Serbia Premium Lounge, which is used by Qatar, was quiet at this time, as Air Serbia’s morning rush had passed.

No lines at security screening

Or passport control

Air Serbia lounge

Boarding began around 40 minutes before departure. The business class cabin has a 1 by 2 by 1 layout. Each seat had a blanket, pillow, a small token pillow, bottle of water, headphones and small pack with socks and an eye mask. The entire crew working in the cabin was extremely pleasant, professional and courteous. Prior to departure they handed out the food and beverage menu, and introduced themselves to each passenger. They also took each passenger’s meal and drink order (this included details such as if you want to change your beverage in between courses, the type of olive oil you want etc) and asked when you would like to eat. Pre-departure drinks and a refreshing towel were also served.

The flight time was just four hours and twenty minutes. I decided to eat after take off and the meal was served shortly after. First the crew served mixed nuts and drinks (the menu for which is extensive with things like cocktails and mocktails in addition to wines, champagnes and so on). None of the meals are served on a tray and all the meals are plated in the galley. The portions are rather big and tasty.

There were around 20 passengers in the business class cabin, while economy seemed full but I don’t know the exact loads. Around an hour into the flight the crew automatically put down the window blinds and turned off the lights in the cabin so people could sleep or nap. The seats are lie-flat, there is storage space on each side of the arm rests and there is a little drawer to place your shoes.

The entertainment system, which is called “Oryx One”, has lots of movies, TV shows and programs. There was also live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup. Of course, my favourite feature was the A350 cameras. You can control the TV both with a remote control and by touching the screen. There was Wi-Fi as well. The first hour is free, while connectivity for the whole flight cost 10 US dollars with unlimited data (this is a good price considering airlines usually charge around $30 with data caps). The Qatar A350s have their so-called “Super Wi-Fi” and it worked really well at a high speed. Take into consideration that Wi-Fi is never available when overflying Iran though.

The lavatory had amenities such as toothbrushes and razors.

The crew passed through the cabin many times, asking if passengers needed anything or wanted a drink refill. We started our descent around 40 minutes prior to landing, with the crew handing out a hot towel and small box of Laderach chocolates.

We landed half an hour early in Doha and parked at a stand, so we were bussed to the terminal. 

Bus to the terminal

Despite the World Cup the airport was not that busy, although we did arrive at 3.30PM, which is outside of any of Qatar’s departure waves. The airport recently opened an extension to the terminal which features a so-called garden and many high-end stores, cafes and restaurants.

The return flight to Belgrade a week later, with a departure time of 4AM, was operated by the A320. I will leave a few pictures from that flight below.

I really can’t fault either of the two flights. Crew was fantastic and friendly, the lie-flat seats were comfortable, and the food was very tasty. I hope we see Qatar Airways with their wide-body aircraft in Belgrade in the future as well. I appreciate that they were one of the first foreign airlines to return after Covid and I hope they keep growing their operations.

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  1. Anonymous09:17

    "Economy seemed full" but there are ghosts at the check in area lol
    Also when they make bus unload at DOH even there is widebody then you are sure about loads.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Ok, I told you I arrived very early for check in. At the end of the day, I was on the flight. If it were empty, I would have told you it's empty. Anyway glad you could laugh from early morning.

    2. Anonymous09:25

      Yeah they opened 8 check in desks for ghosts. Some people on here... btw to the author very nice report.

  2. Anonymous09:26

    QR is in a class of its own!

  3. Anonymous10:01

    Very detailed and informative trip report! Thanks. Wish others would be alike. Greetings from ZAG!

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:50

    Amazing report, especially the pictures. I love QR Business Class Service, it's just incredible and hard to top. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Anonymous11:24

    Comparing meals and beverages on board Qatar flight, this Belgrade launge looks pretty modest and mostly bakery products

    1. Anonymous12:30

      The flight was 9am, so it's 7-8 am in the lounge when the photos were taken. What do you eat in the morning, honey roast duck?

    2. Anonymous10:35

      Anon 12:30 - you obviously have no clue how lounges work then. AS lounge at BEG is shameful in terms of food selection, keeping in mind it is their one and only lounge in their only hub.

  6. Anonymous11:34

    Great trip report OP. Thanks

  7. Anonymous12:31

    Great report and photos

  8. Anonymous13:29

    Thank you for great trip report! I am glad you enjoyed your trip :)

  9. Anonymous14:11

    Прелепо, дај Боже да видимо још пуно А350 у BEG у будућноти.

  10. Anonymous14:32

    Wonderful airline !
    Pity that Belgrade only sees their widebodies at world cups .

  11. Prepelica15:54

    I was not as lucky, as both my flights to and from World Cup were on 16 years old A330-300 with an ancient, almost unusable IFE. Thank you for the trip report!

  12. Yes - has to be said that their A330-300 product in Economy is really nothing special - I would conclude that I found AirSerbia's A330-200 on flights to NYC slightly better.

    On their A330-300 in Economy - there is no Wi-Fi, so also no airing of World Cup games, which was "promised" - and worst thing - window seats feature some box/foundation under them - so one of your legs cannot be normally extended!? Really don't remember that something like that was fitted in AirSerbia's A330-200. OK, food is really nice, but as is on AS's NYC flights. IFE mediocre on both. Lounges in DOH were not included in Economy. The only really positive experience was Hamad International - immigration was insanely efficient with e-gates, and even with arriving to the baggage belts very fast - the bags were somehow magically already there. Compare that to BEG where there was 1 big airplane to unload on return - and you get to wait at the belts some 40 min or so for baggage to start coming.

    Hope that they really retire A330s, doesn't live up to their numerous Skytrax accolades...

  13. Anonymous21:03

    Flying in their Qsuite is really something else. It wasn't A350 but "only" B777-300ER from Doha to ZAG. Thanks to the world cup. 50 ppl in economy, 6 in business.

    1. Anonymous21:12

      Honestly their prices at the moment are insane.

    2. Anonymous21:54

      I was lucky to upgrade using miles + Cash. Otherwise, no go.

    3. Anonymous22:41

      No go if no Qsuite? How on Earth are you flying out of Zagreb when there is no World Cup?

    4. Anonymous22:56

      I think he meant no go in business class, because their fares are quite expensive.

  14. Very nice report! Thank you.
    It would be wonderful to see QATAR wodebody regularly for Belgrade.

  15. Anonymous21:29

    Great trip report! Enjoyed both pics and text as if I was there in person. Was this Avios points redemption? I am not sure if there is a redemption blackout period during the World Cup?

    1. Anonymous23:00

      Thanks. No, I purchased the ticket using cash and miles, with which I managed to reduce the price by quite a bit. As you say, there seems to be no redemption during the World Cup.

      I remember back in 2019 when their fares out of Belgrade to South East Asia used to be very cheap. Bangkok was selling at 900 euros in business class, Singapore 1200, and this included Qsuite product. Now the fares have more than doubled.

      The cheapest business fares you can find from Belgrade with them at the moment is to Dubai (outside of World Cup period). The fares are between 1200 and 1500 euros. This is compared to Flydubai which charges a minimum 2600 euros between Belgrade and Dubai. Qatar operates Dubai only with widebodies. Also, since they market their business class as first class on intra Gulf flights, you get to use the first class lounge in Doha, which is really something else.

    2. Anonymous00:18

      Thank you sir for detailed response. I have also noticed significant airfare growth way beyond inflation rate growth. Not just with QR and EK but a number of other carriers and destinations. Hope it's just a temporary pent-up demand.

    3. Prepelica01:33

      I am paying more than double for premium economy on Lufthansa to SFO, business class is crazy expensive, can't justify it anymore.


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