TRIP REPORT: Air Montenegro, Tivat - Belgrade


Created by FLYFLY 79

This flight was taken last summer from Tivat to Belgrade on board Air Montenegro’s Embraer E195 aircraft. Not much has changed since so the trip report is still relevant and can give you an idea of what to expect from Air Montenegro in terms of service on one of their busiest routes. You can also see an overview of the cabin and the catering provided. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous09:07

    Service looks almost identical to JU.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    I don't know why but Air Montenegro really depresses me. I think it will eventually fail. It's not helping they are already struggling with their summer network.

    1. Anonymous11:12


    2. Anonymous12:12

      JU would not need MNE as it would be obviously dealing with hot potato, mixed with politics and relationships between two countries. Not that JU actually buying MNE will happen, though.

  3. Anonymous11:00

    Nice sunny report. Can you tell me please what’s the name of your background music?

  4. Anonymous16:24

    I liked to fly FRATGDBEG long time ago. It was always sunny in Podgorica and the view to the Croatian coast was amazing.

    1. Anonymous16:41

      I liked to use that connection too!
      It is shame MNE does not offer anymore connecting flights via TGD.

    2. Anonymous12:14

      Montenegro should actually invest in developing TGD AP, as nowadays this airport doesn't have any facilities nor space for proper transits via Podgorica.

  5. Anonymous16:40

    Nice report, it reminds me of last summer and nice vacation we had in beautiful Montenegro.


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