TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Belgrade - Amsterdam


I flew between Belgrade and Amsterdam with Air Serbia on the 10th of January this year. I noticed that some of the service cuts that were introduced during the Covid times in the name of safety have now been removed, compared to my previous flight with them in August. 

At Belgrade Airport it was rather busy. This was an early evening flight. There was a huge line at the Air Serbia check-in desks. I noticed no one was using the self check-in machines so I checked myself in within seconds, then proceeded to the bag drop counter, which was also deserted, printed by baggage tag, scanned it and it was on its way. The process was very easy and took all of two minutes. On the other hand, the line for manual check-in just got bigger. Perhaps staff could encourage passengers to use self check-in and have one person at the baggage drop off to help people out. I’m sure once people learn to use it, they would be more willing to try it again in the future, which I assume is the airline’s goal. 

Boarding for our flight began on time and my guess would be that the flight was around 50% full. However, we took off with a slight delay as our aircraft has to be de-iced but we arrived on time in Amsterdam. In the literature pocket there was the safety card, as well as the January copy of the inflight magazine and the air sickness bag, which are all in one plastic sleeve. The aircraft also had WiFi, which I didn’t use. All passengers on board were wearing masks, as well as the crew who were with masks and gloves. 

We all got a bottle of water and a bag of chips. They have also reintroduced the sale of food and drinks through the Elevate Deli and Bar, which wasn’t the case several months ago when I last few with Air Serbia on this route. 

The rest of the flight was mostly uneventful. The crew were pleasant. Amsterdam Airport was not very busy. Unlike in August, when the majority of people were not wearing masks at Schiphol Airport (including airport staff and cabin crew), everyone had one on this time around. 

Overall, I enjoyed my flight with Air Serbia. It was the most convenient way for me to get to Amsterdam and then continue to Barcelona (as there are no nonstop flights from Belgrade at the moment). The service was efficient, and the flight was on time.

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  1. Anonymous09:09

    Good to see the load wasn't that bad. I am actually surprised it wasn't worse than 50%! Good for bringing back at least some service. Did they offer buy on board?

    1. Anonymous09:11

      "They have also reintroduced the sale of food and drinks through the Elevate Deli and Bar"

    2. Anonymous14:02

      It was 10 January so many people were returning back from Serbia where they have spend Ortodox Christmas.

  2. Anonymous09:51

    Few days ago the flight to Tirana was 80% LF.

    They also often send in the A319.

    Many were connecting pax from Amsterdam.

    1. Anonymous12:03

      Such destinations really helped now in covid times.

    2. Anonymous12:45

      We also had the typical pre-Covid service.

  3. Anonymous10:15

    Love JU.

  4. Anonymous10:37

    How were you able to enter the eu, do you have dutch citizenship?
    Did they ask a negative PCR test at schiphol when you landed?

    1. Anonymous12:55

      I live in Barcelona, so I have EU residency. Yes, I had to do a test in Belgrade to show in Amsterdam (since I exited the airport) and in Barcelona.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      So even as EU resident you had to take the test?

    3. Anonymous20:21

      Everyone entering has to have done the test, regardless of nationality.

  5. Anonymous19:53

    Kinda complaining people didn't wear mask in Amsterdam last summer - but in BEG that is okay? (look at the third picture, these guys don't even have any mask in the face or at least pulled under the nose, so that only the mouth is covered)

    1. Anonymous19:56

      He's talking about the summer when no one in NL was wearing masks and the govt recommended against wearing them. NL has come a long way since then. Improper mask wearing is not a Serbia-specific thing, it's the same everywhere in the world.

    2. Anonymous20:20

      First of all, I didn’t complain, I just mentioned it as an interesting sidenote that the majority of people (staff included) were not wearing masks at Amsterdam Airport. As for Belgrade Airport, the majority of people actually were wearing masks, and wearing them correctly and all staff were wearing them, while security staff at the gate were wearing both masks and face shields (both during the summer and a week ago).

    3. Anonymous23:37

      Who said you were complaining?

    4. Anonymous23:38

      "Kinda complaining people didn't wear mask in Amsterdam last summer"

  6. Anonymous01:53

    Thank you for great report. Many airlines introduced, as a regular practice, service directing passengers to kiosk and helping passengers with self check-in process. Redirecting passengers to kiosks helps reduce lines at check-in. Same with baggage drop machines as some passengers don't know how to properly affix tags.

    Opportunity for Air Serbia to step up service and start helping passengers with kiosks and bag drops.

  7. Anonymous22:44

    Could you please tell me did they check your covid results any moment at Belgrade Airport ? I mean before getting into flight, maybe on boarding ?
    When I fly recenty from Turkey to EU, the Turkish team checked covid report at baggage drop ,at passport control and even just before getting into plane. If you don't mind, it would be cool to know how was it in Belgrade as I am planning to visit soon I hope.
    Thank you

    1. Anonymous22:49

      Yes, they check your covid documents at the entrence to the passenger gate (before security). They have put little stands in front of each gate and they check. That is for Air Serbia. If you are flying with another airline from Belgrade they check during check-in. If you are flying into Belgrade they check at passport control.


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