Vintage photos 2018

Vintage photos celebrating the rich history of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News during 2018.

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JAT cabin crew at Dubrovnik Airport, 1963

JAT's domestic and Euro-Mediterranean network, winter 1989/1990

Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

JAT intercontinental network map, winter 1989/1990

Ivangrad (Berane) Airport, 1963

Maintenance of Aviogenex B727, 1980s

De-icing at Ljubljana Airport, 1977

Ad for JAT's "Gallery over the Atlantic", 1984

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

London Heathrow Airport

Inex-Adria mechanic working on DC-6 aircraft, Ljubljana Airport, 1964

JAT long haul network poster, late 1970s

JAT crew 1960s

JAT DC-10 at Melbourne Airport, 1980s

Aviogenex celebrates Maribor Airport opening with fly-by, May 1976

JAT poster, 1970s

Rijeka Airport, 1970s

JAT "Trip around the world" poster, 1980s

JAT crew delivering first Caravelle, Dubrovnik Airport, 1963

Pan Adria Airways at Zagreb Airport, 1971

Ljubljana Airport, 1964

JAT North America ad, 1982

JAT's first Caravelle, named "Dubrovnik", in Dubrovnik, 1963

JAT international network ad, 1988

Adria cabin crew, 1960s

JAT ad for Adriatic Club (Business) Class, 1987

Passengers disembark a JAT DC-9, June 1969

JAT business class ad in Thailand's "Thaiways" magazine, 1987

Adria DC-6 at Ljubljana Airport, July 1964

Newspaper article reporting Inex-Adria's Airbus order, 1984

JAT cabin crew, 1960s

JAT Air Lift poster, 1980s

JAT spokesmodel Ksenija Petrovski in uniform, 1973

Ad for JAT's holiday branch Air Lift, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1962

JAT magazine ad for Thai market, 1980s

JAT poster, 1980s

Poster featuring JAT's domestic network, 1970s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1984

Ivangrad (Berane) Airport, 1960s

JAT at Basel Airport, early 1970s

Boarding at Belgrade Airport, late 1960s

JAT on board service ad, 1960s 

JAT poster, 1960

JAT DC at Dubai Airport, 1981

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, 1970s

JAT Convair ad, 1960s

JAT B707 at Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

JAT poster, 1960s

Skopje Airport, 1960s

Split Airport, late 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1960s

JAT B707 at Toronto Airport, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1960s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1976

JAT cabin crew, 1960s

Air France sales office in downtown Belgrade, 1969

Inex Adria Aviopromet crew, Split Airport, early 1980s

Australian newspaper ad for JAT's Adriatic Club (Business) Class 

JAT crew on delivery flight of fifth B727

JAT B707 at Birmingham Airport, 1980s

Passengers disembark a Pan Am B707, Belgrade Airport, 1960s

Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Test flight for JAT's first DC-10, Long Beach, 1978

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton step off a JAT Convair, 1971

Inex - Adria Airways ad for Dubrovnik flights, 1980s

Adria Airways crew filming an airline commercial, 1986

JAT DC-10 "Edvard Rusjan" preparing for departure at New York's JFK, 1982

The legendary Shirley Temple at Belgrade Airport duty free, 1968

JAT B707 at San Francisco Airport on its "trip around the world", 1973

Handover ceremony of Inex-Adria's first DC-9, 1975

JAT poster for domestic services, 1963

Actor Kirk Douglas and wife step off at JAT Caravelle, 1964

JAT DC-10 at Detroit Airport, 1986

JAT poster for new Caravelle jet named Split, 1967

Inex Adria ad for domestic flights, 1981

JAT poster, 1967

JAT B727s at Heathrow Airport, 1990

Dubrovnik Airport, 1970s

First world airline basketball championship, Split, 1990

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s

Passengers boarding an Inex-Adria flight in Bremen, 1970s

Loading of live poultry at Osijek Airport, 1980s

JAT DC-10 at Sydney Airport, 1980s

Tivat Airport, 1970

JAT bus terminal in downtown Belgrade, 1960s

Belgrade Airport 1960s

A sign in Ivangrad (today's Berane) advertising JAT flights to Belgrade

KLM at Dubrovnik Airport, 1960s

JAT branded car in Singapore near airline office, late 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1964

JAT's Adriatic Club Class newspaper ad, 1984

JAT ad for new Belgrade - Calcutta - Beijing service, 1987

JAT ad for new Caravelle aircraft, 1963

Three Inex-Adria jets at Tivat Airport, 1970s

Aviogenex jet cleaning, 1987

Žablajk's Durmitor Airport in Montenegro, 1950s

JAT - Official Olympic Carrier at Sarajevo games, 1984


  1. Anonymous01:08

    Do any of you know the callsigns JAT used for flights to New York's JFK? I have been trying to find it online for a while. Would it be the same as Air Serbia's callsign JU500?


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