Vintage photos 2014

Vintage photos celebrating the highs of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia, published by EX-YU Aviation News throughout 2014.
Photos published in 2015 can be found here.

JAT and Qantas at Zagreb Airport, 1981

Belgrade Airport postcard, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport 1980s

Skopje Airport terminal, 1934

Podgorica (Titograd) Airport, 1971

Check-in for JAT’s Chicago flight, Zagreb Airport 1987

Zagreb Airport, 1960s

Philadelphia Airport, 1975

Ljubljana Airport opening, December 24, 1963

Aeroput travel brochure for the 1935 summer season

Maribor Airport, 1980s

Aviogenex crew, Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s

JAT’s green train, Ljubljana – Zagreb express, 1980s

Belgrade Airport, late 1960s with JAT, Austrian Airlines and Pan Am in the distance

Ljubljana Airport, 1960s

"First in Yugoslavia, 10th in Europe, 31st in the world", JAT ad, 1980s

First JAT DC-10 at Zagreb Airport, December 16, 1978

JAT transatlantic service ad, 1976

Zagreb Airport, 1970

Ljubljana Airport postcard, 1980s

Pula Airport postcard, 1970s

Kirk Douglas boarding JAT jet, Belgrade, 1972

Ljubljana Airport, 1962
JAT ticket, 1960s

JAT North America timetable cover, 1980

Dubrovnik - Venice, 51st anniversary

JAT's trip around the world, 1974

JAT in-flight entertainment guide, 1975

Belgrade - Athens - Cairo, 51st anniversary

Belgrade - Zagreb - Munich, 51st anniversary

Dubrovnik - Ljubljana, 50th anniversary

Rijeka Airport ad, 1970

JAT crew, 1960s

34th anniversary

Sarajevo Airport, 45th anniversary

Belgrade Airport, 1984

JAT to Australia ad, 1970

Croatia Airlines inaugural flight, 23rd anniversary

33rd anniversary

Split Airport, 1967

JAT crew tag, 1980s

Inex Adria at Trieste Airport, 1972

49th anniversary, Belgrade - Vrnjačka Banja inaugural flight

Inex Adria and JAT, Split Airport, 1970s

Aeroput poster, 1930s

JAT's B727 safety card, 1980s

Cover poster for 1979 film "Radio On" featuring Inex-Adria Aviopromet jet

JAT ad, 1980s

Podgorica (Titograd) Airport terminal, 1962. Passengers line up for boarding

JAT DC-10 label

Inex-Adria Aviopromet brochure, 1983

JAT crew, Belgrade Airport, 1980s

Queen Elizabeth II, Belgrade Airport, October 17, 1972

Children boarding JAT jet, 1970s

Ljubljana Airport, 1980s (with Zagreb Airport bus)

Passengers on JAT's inaugural flight to Sydney, April 1, 1975

Croatia Airlines crew, April 3, 1992

JAT crew, 1980s

Ljubljana Airport (with Zagreb Airport bus) 1980s

JAT ad, 1980s

Podgorica (Titograd) Airport, 1960s

Libyan Arab Airlines ad for flights to Yugoslvia, 1982

On board JAT's Caravelle, late 1960s

On board JAT's DC-10, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1972

JAT crew in New York City, 1987

JAT ad, 1987 - ”When travelling first call JAT”

JAT - Yugoslavia / America coin, 1980s

Tivat Airport terminal, 1957

Brigitte Bardot boarding a JAT Caravelle in Paris, late 1960s

Kranj postcard, late 1970s

JAT crew, 1980s

Zagreb Airport, 1985

Inex-Adria DC-9 sticker

Inex-Adria poster in Zagreb, 1980. Guest worker flights to Germany

Fashion catalog featuring JAT, 1971

Belgrade Airport construction, 1961

Ad for bus manufacturer FAP, late 1970s

JAT first class ad, 1963

JAT ad, 1960s - "17 weekly flights between Belgrade and Zagreb"

Ljubljana Airport postcard, 1980s

Dubrovnik Airport sticker, 1960s

Loading cargo on a JAT DC-10, 1980s

JAT meal card, 1980s

Inex-Adria crew, 1984

JAT ad, 1977

JAT's green train service, Zagreb to Ljubljana express, 1980s

JAT ad, 1970s

Zagreb Airport, 1979

JAT travel map, 1985

Dubrovnik Airport, 1964

JAT crew, 1960s
Screenshot of JAT TV commercial introducing the DC-10, 1978

JAT's first 737 on the production line, Seattle, 1985


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    These are great shots!!!

    Please post more if you have ...THANK YOU!:)

  2. Anonymous13:20

    Many thanks Admin! Great pics!

  3. Anonymous05:14

    Grate memories.

  4. Anonymous06:46

    Thanks for compiling these pictures. Good old days of JAT.


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